8 Common Refrigerator Problems

Everybody likes cold water and ice during summer, right? But you can’t always run to market whenever you need it, as it is expensive as well as inconvenient and the solution to this problem is a refrigerator. Today, almost everybody has a refrigerator and it is helpful in numerous ways not only during summer but all around the year. Just like any other appliance, the refrigerator also faces some problems with regular use over a period of time. In this article, we are going to discuss the common refrigerator problems that you face in your home

Common Refrigerator Problems

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The common refrigerator problems are caused by numerous reasons, some of which you can fix on your own while for some you will need expert help.

Following are the top 8 common refrigerator problems: 

  1. Refrigerator leaking water:

    Though refrigerators have a drainage pathway for water to pass while defrosting and to prevent leakages, there are many reasons that can cause water leakages in refrigerators. The leakages can be caused due to freezing or clogged defrost drain, damaged water tank assembly, cracked water inlet valve, and drain pipe. You can solve the issue of frozen or clogged defrost drain by either thawing the ice or by flushing the drain with hot water to clear the debris. Issues with the water inlet valve and drain pipe can be solved by replacing the components with a new one. But, don’t try to repair the damaged water tank assembly on your own. Contact a professional immediately for any water leakage issues with your refrigerator as prolonged leakages can cause serious damage to your system.

  2. Water dispenser not working:

    If your water dispenser is not working, it may be because of a frozen water tube. Disconnect the tube at the bottom of the refrigerator door and blow some air in the tube. If you don’t feel the air blowing through the tube, that means it’s frozen. Thaw the ice out and make a point to check it regularly to avoid this issue. Another reason behind this issue can be a faulty water inlet valve or low water pressure. When your refrigerator isn’t dispensing water, check the water pressure if it is at least 20 psi. If you are still facing the problem after taking basic precautionary measures, contact an expert to help you out in a better way.

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  3. Constant running or cycling:

    Refrigerator work to produce cool air to maintain a constant temperature for keeping the food inside cool. But if your refrigerator keeps running or cycling constantly, you will end with a high electricity bill and probably food inside freezing up. There can be many reasons behind this issue such as dirty condenser coils, faulty evaporator fan motor, faulty compressor fan motor, worn door gasket, and faulty compressor. You can visually inspect your refrigerator for the issues and clean the condenser coils. Call an expert to fix all other issues as some experience is required to deal with them. 

  4. Ice build-up inside the refrigerator:

    Ice inside your freezer is normal, but when the ice starts building up everywhere inside your refrigerator it may be a serious problem. It may happen if you keep the door open for a long time leading to an increased humidity level. Some other reasons behind this issue can be the too high temperature on the thermostat, a bad gasket, dirty condenser or heat exchanger coils, damper malfunctioning, faulty thermostat, and broken door seal. Check for these reasons whenever you start facing the issue of ice-build up inside your refrigerator. Contact a professional and your system inspected and repaired, if required, at the earliest. 

  5. Refrigerator not cooling:

    This is the most common problem that you can face with your refrigerator. When your refrigerator is running but still not working or cooling, it may be because of dirty condenser coils that are at the bottom of the refrigerator. Unplug your refrigerator and clean the condenser coils to solve the problem of cooling and also do it at a regular interval to keep your refrigerator in a good working condition. But, in case, your refrigerator isn’t working even after cleaning the coils, contact an expert for repair.  

  6. Refrigerator making noise:

    When you notice high volume noise coming from your refrigerator, try to find from where the noise is coming. If the noise is coming from inside the refrigerator, it can be because of a faulty evaporator fan, but if the noise is coming from the backside of the refrigerator, the reason can be problems with the condenser fan, defrost timer, or the compressor. In either case, it is best to ask a refrigerator professional to inspect the refrigerator and repair the cause of the noise. There can be one more reason behind the loud noise coming from your refrigerator, that is loose drain pan. Just check the drain pan and fix it in its place and you are good to go with your silent refrigerator. 

  7. Light not working:

    The light inside the refrigerator is only there to help us see inside properly. But, if your refrigerator light is not working, it may be because of the reason that it has completed its lifespan and burnt out. It may also be caused due to power interruption due to tripped circuit breaker, failed electrical outlet, and a damaged or unplugged power cord. To fix the issue, all you need to do is check the power supply and the cords of the refrigerator, and if they are in perfect shape and there is a dark area on the bulb, you will simply need to change the bulb. Issues with the bulb will not affect the cooling of your refrigerator in any way. 

  8. High electricity consumption:

    Your refrigerator can be consuming more electricity, if it has a lower BEE rating or if it is an old appliance. An old appliance with a higher rating can still consume high electricity compared to a modern refrigerator with a lower rating. This issue can only be solved by replacing your current unit with a modern higher BEE rating refrigerator. 


It is important to know about the common refrigerator problems that you can face and how to fix them when they occur. Though some problems can be very easy to solve, some might need an expert opinion. If you can’t understand any issue or fail to find a solution for any issue, ask an expert refrigerator repair person without any hesitation. It is better to get help from a professional than to damage your refrigerator.

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    Nowadays, practically everyone owns a refrigerator, which is useful all year round and not just in the summer. The refrigerator experiences some issues with regular use over time, just like any other equipment. I’m glad you shared this article, and please play getaway shootout with us whenever you have time.

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