How to install RO water purifier in just 10 minutes

ro purifier installation

Installing RO water purifier yourself will save you up to 70% of the cost of the RO purifier, additionally, you’ll get to know how the system works.

Preparing for RO installation

Remove all the components from the box and determine an appropriate place for the RO system. Fit the feed water valve in the COLD WATER connection.

Assemble the RO pre-filter

ro prefilter
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Open the pre-filter cap and insert the provided pre-filter candle. Firmly close the filter cap. Preferably use Teflon tape to achieve a complete seal. Now attach the elbow connectors on both sides of the pre-filter.

Installing the RO membrane

ro membrane

Now open the RO cabinet containing the rest of the filters. Inside spot the membrane filter. Remove the pipes connected to the cap of the filter. Open the cap and insert the membrane into the filter case. Then, firmly close the cap again.

Installing the filter tap and auto cut-off system for the RO

ro feed water valve
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Filter tap: Remove the nut and washer from behind the tap. Hold the tap into the opening provided in the water tank and place the washer from inside the tank onto the tap rear-end. Now, put the nut that you just removed to tighten the tap in place.

ro floating valve
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Auto cut-off system: Pull the floating mechanism from the wired connection. Remove the nut on the floating cylinder and attach the filter beneath the membrane compartment, now fix it there using the nut and attach the electrical connection back to the cut-off system.

Assembling the tank and the filter compartment

Now, assemble back the water tank and the filter compartment. Make sure all the screws are firmly tightened.

Attaching the pipes

Now, start attaching the pipes of the RO purifier. Inlet of the pre-filter is connected to the feed water valve attached to the tap. Connect the outlet of the pre-filter to water inlet for the RO unit. The outlet of the RO unit sends out the waste water. So, attach a pipe to the outlet and leave the other end open into a sink or any other appropriate area for drain water.

Hang the RO unit and the pre-filter on the wall and connect the system to an electric plug. Make sure of NOT using the first batch of water produced. Drain it and start using the water from the 2nd batch onwards.

For further queries regarding installation of an RO water purifier system please comment in the section below.

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    It can at times be frustrating waiting for the water purifier company staff to come and do the installation and it would be a good idea to have knowledge of doing the installation yourself. Thanks for the information.

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