Top 5 most useful DIY tips for home repairs

DIY Faucet repairs

Whenever we need some services at home such as repair, maintenance etc, we often turn to Yellow pages or home service providers since it is an easy and convenient way out. But a better idea is to try some DIY tips for home repairs or home improvement since not only is it cheaper but also teaches you a thing or two about your home appliances.  Unlike popular assumption, home repair projects aren’t always that complex and can be done by keeping a few tips and tricks in mind.  For your reference, we have listed the top 5 most useful DIY tips for home repair projects:

  • DIY Faucet repairs

DIY Faucet repairs

one of the best DIY tips for home repairs is DIY faucet repairs. Faucets of the bathroom or kitchen often start leaking and need repairs. This happens if the washers are worn out. Since they are made of rubber, they tend to get worn out pretty quickly and all that you need to do to fix this problem is to replace the faucet handles. Make sure you first turn off the water supply to avoid any problems.

  • DIY Toilet repairs

DIY Toilet repairs

You must keep checking your toilet tank for leakage since if leakage happens, then it can lead to chaos. if you wish to find out if there are any kind of leaks, then there is an easy way to do so.  You can add a little bit of food color in the tank and check it after a little while. If the bowl turns pink, then you might be facing the issue of leakage. To deal with this, you only need to change the flapper. This is one of the useful DIY tips for home repairs.

  • DIY Water heater maintenance

DIY Water heater maintenance

If you have any water heater at home, then it is necessary that you keep checking on it and maintaining it for ensuring long life.  What you can do to maintain the water heater is to drain it by stopping the supply of water. After this, you must connect the drain fitting to the hose and then point it at a place where there will be no water damage, for example-the driveway of the house or the garden.  Now the next step is to open the faucets of water followed by reopening of the drain valve.

  • DIY Dryer and washing machine repairs

DIY Dryer and washing machine repairs

You can follow DIY tips for maintenance of washing machine and dryer which is yet another one of the DIY tips for home repairs. To maintain and repair your washing machine as well as your dryer, you can check the water hoses on a regular basis. Besides this, the water supply lines of the machine must be inspected atleast once every year. Those that are made using plastic must be changed after every few years. Check if there is any rust on the metal ends and if yes, then you must replace them immediately.

  • DIY Kitchen electrical appliances cleaning and maintenance

DIY Kitchen electrical appliances cleaning and maintenance

Make sure all your kitchen electrical appliances are always clean and never plugged to electricity when not in use.  Keep inspecting the wires and other parts on a regular basis and if you find any damages etc, make sure you change them as soon as possible.

  • DIY Seal Small Cracks on Exterior Walls

Hairline cracks can appear as soon as a year after construction due to normal settling of a home’s foundation. These can be sealed with a coat of paint. If the cracks are 1/8 of an inch or larger, they should be sealed by a professional foundation repair company. If that is not an option, you can fill the crack with a concrete compatible caulk from your local home improvement store to prevent water intrusion which can lead to mold. If the crack continues to grow and tear away from the caulk you should contact a professional.

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Follow these DIY tips for home repairs and ensure proper home repairs without spending a penny. And if you still have problems, you know who to call ;)

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    Another thing you’ll want to check on your dryer is that the lint gets cleaned out at very least once per year. Many household fires start off because the lint gets so compacted in the escape and ultimately catches on fire. It’s a simple thing to do and cheap to have someone else clean your dryer escape.

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    All the tips you were given was great. Whenever we are doing faucet repairs make sure turn off the water supply. Minor plumbing problems like these can be handled by most casual DIYers, but don’t hesitate to call a plumbing contractor if you’re in over your head.

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