OTG Vs Microwave – Which one is better?

Who wouldn’t want to binge on tasty food, especially if you can cook them all in the comfort of your home? 

Two of the most popular appliances for grilling and baking are microwave oven and OTG.

Although microwave ovens have been in the market for a long time now, it has recently started to lose its demand as OTGs have started to take over. 

Each of these appliances has its own kind of advantages. Before you jump ahead and buy either of these, make sure to understand the differences between the two and choose the ones that best suit your needs. 

In this article, you can find an elaborate explanation of how microwave ovens and OTGs fundamentally differ from each other and what parameters are involved in their distinction. Also, we will help you understand which one of these is a better option. 

Factors to consider before buying an OTG

OTG can be expanded as Oven, Toaster and Grill. If you are looking for the Best OTG in India, you must go through the factors given below:

Let us now dig further and understand an OTG right from its build to its benefits, covering all major parameters. 

1.Working Mechanism

Basically, an OTG is designed with a number of coils that generate heat on a continuous basis when the machine is turned on. The heat generated from these coils helps in cooking the food, irrespective of the mode of cooking. 

In addition to these coils, the OTG also has an in-built fan which would distribute the heat evenly throughout the entire platform. The major advantage of this fan is that it would ensure that the food that is being cooked is subjected to an even level of heat, thereby cooking the food uniformly. 

2. Features

Internally, an OTG oven is designed with multiple floors of racks. This gives you an option to cook various batches of cakes or cookies at a time. This would be exceptionally helpful if you are going to be using this appliance to bake/cook large quantity of food. 

On the outside, the appliance has temperature and time controllers which allow you to choose the required duration and heat levels. This enhances the flexibility of use, making it all the more convenient to cook your dishes with perfection. 

When using the OTG, you can use utensils made out of Aluminium, Glass or Silicone. As these are some of the most commonly used materials of utensils that we use at home, you need not have to spend on the utensils separately. 

3. Efficiency

An OTG usually takes a long time to cook. It is designed to heat up slowly as it would enhance the texture of the food being cooked and would also help in cooking the food uniformly. 

4. Capacity

The maximum capacity offered by OTG’s is 60 litres. It is perfectly apt for use if you would be using the appliance for cooking large batches of food. 

5. Price

The average price of a 42 litre OTG is Rs. 11,000. OTG’s are a pocket-friendly option as you can buy a high capacity OTG in a significantly low price range.

Factors to consider before buying a Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is a well-known appliance which is used for reheating food. To understand more about it, let us explore the various parameters of the appliance. 

1. Working mechanism

Just as the name indicates, a microwave oven works with the help of microwaves which heat up the water molecules in food items, thereby allowing them to get cooked.

Every microwave oven is engineered with a special device called magnetron, which produces microwaves. Microwaves are nothing but a form of electromagnetic radiation that can be absorbed by food. 

These microwaves bounce back and forth on the metal surfaces in the interior of the oven and cause vibration. This process would eventually lead to friction between the food particles and would help in heating up the surface. 

2. Features

It is designed with an LED display, which helps you to monitor the settings with better ease. In addition to that, you will also have button-based controls to alter the mode of cooking, temperature levels, and duration.

For cooking in a microwave oven, you can opt for utensils made out of glass, silicone, and plastic. Make sure to avoid metal utensils while using a microwave. 

3. Efficiency 

Microwave ovens are very efficient when it comes to their cooking methods. They consume less time, when compared to an OTG. Also, in terms of the energy consumed, a microwave oven consumes very little energy which would be a huge advantage in the long run. 

4. Capacity

A microwave oven comes with an average capacity of 32 litres. If you have to cook a large quantity of food, then you might have to do multiple batches to get it done. This is not a feasible option if you have to constantly cook a large quantity of food. 

5. Price

Microwave ovens are quite expensive when compared to OTGs. Roughly, the price of a microwave oven is Rs. 18,000 for a capacity of 30 litres. This rate is subjected to differ if you opt for high-end brands.


Although both microwave ovens and OTG’s have their own types of pros and cons, OTGs stand out in many parameters than microwave ovens. 

If you will have to cook a different variety of dishes, you can opt for an OTG as it gives you options to cook by multiple methods. Also, if you need to cook for a lot of people very frequently, then it is better for you to opt for an OTG as it comes in higher capacity levels as well. 

However, if you will only need to use the appliance for a rare purpose and for basic cooking needs, then you can opt for a microwave oven. The best part about this appliance is that it requires a lesser time to get the food cooked. 

When you go ahead to buy one of these appliances, do consider the factors mentioned above. However, make sure to opt for the appliance based on your requirements so as to get the best results.

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