Luminous Shakti Charge 1100 Inverter & Microtek EB1000 Inverter – Comparison, Pros & Cons

Power outage in India in a common issue. From remote rural villages to urban cities, all face power failures frequently. To curb the impact of such circumstances, it becomes a necessity for you to have an alternative backup option ready. This is where equipping your home with an inverter comes into the picture. An inverter is an electrical power system that is used primarily to transform DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternating Current). There are many inverter options in the market; however, today, we will
compare the pros and cons of Luminous Shakti Charge 1100 & Microtek EB1000.

Luminous Shakti Charge 1100 Inverter

Luminous Shakti Charge 1100 is one of the most very powerful inverters. The inverter comes with an on-site warranty of 24 months and needs one single battery to operate, making it a perfect option for both small office and domestic use. Luminous provides a 24-month warranty for all the inverters it has. It is the ideal choice for areas with low-input voltage because it starts charging the battery from 90V. Along with that, at 120V it starts charging the battery with full charging current, unlike other inverters which help in faster charging of the battery. Also, you can select the charging current – meaning you can opt for normal mode if battery capacity is smaller than 150 Ah. Likewise, you can choose a high charging mode if the battery capacity is more significant than 150 Ah. This feature optimizes the battery health and increases battery longevity.


  • Smart Charge Technology- full charging current starts at 120V input voltage
  • Battery charging starts even at 90Volts
  • Dual charging current options (depends on battery capacity)
  • Supports a wide battery range – Flat Plate, Tubular & VRLA (SMF)
  • High UPS efficiency


  • Ideal for rural areas with heavy power outrages
  • An in-built heavy-duty charger that charges the battery even at low voltage
  • Active Power- 756 W

Microtek EB1000 Inverter

MICROTEK UPS EB Series is an extended backup external battery ups system which is a microcontroller-based design. It has a voltage range selection switch and can be operated from 100V~300V in standard voltage range and 180V~260V in narrow voltage range similar to Eco and UPS mode in Luminous inverters. It has a smart overload sense and short circuit protection. However, it does not fully charge current at a low input voltage. Whenever the inverter is required to switch between the main power and the battery, the voltage is kept within a safe range. It’s equipped with boost technology controlled by the power factor.


  • Power factor-controlled boost technology efficiency
  • Digital signal controller (DSC) based intelligent control design
  • Auto-reset feature
  • Square wave inverter


  • Cannot select charging current based on battery capacity
  • Charges battery at 100V with less current at lower voltages

Here is how Luminous Shakti Charge 1150 is superior to Microtek EB 1000:

The above table explains how Luminous Shakti Charge 1150 is better than Microtek EB 1000 in load handling capability. In addition to that, it takes 5 hours less in charging a 150 AH battery even at a low input voltage of 120V-130V. Since you can select the charging current, this best-in-the-category inverter optimizes battery health and increases its longevity. So, for areas that suffer from low voltages and frequent power cuts, Luminous Shakti Charge 1150 should be your best fitting choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of some frequently asked questions that might have popped up in your mind while choosing the best inverters in India.

  1. Do the inverters come with batterie

No, inverters do not come with batteries. You choose the battery that is suitable for your inverter needs to make it compatible with your backup system. However, all inverters need a battery for functioning.

2. How can you know when the inverter battery is fully charged?

Most of the inverters have an LCD dashboard that indicates when the battery is fully charged. Once the battery is fully charged, the LED light stops glowing. Some of them also have an overcharge protection system that alarms you once your inverter battery is fully charged. 

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