How to Store Your Garden Tools

If you like to landscape, work in your yard, and enjoy gardening, then you probably have collected quite a few tools to help you get the job done. In fact, you may have multiples of some, as garden tools have a way of being set down and forgotten about as you go about other tasks. Getting organized is an excellent way to help determine which tools you need to keep, which you need to get rid of, and help clear up clutter for organization and storage purposes.

Whether you have a garage, shed, or even a space in your house to store your tools, chances are it needs some storage solution. Finding a place for your tools saves on space, and allows you to find what you need when you need it.

Get Up Off the Ground

First off, it is important to get your tools and any other clutter up off the ground. Materials stored on the ground create habitat for unwanted critters, which often go unnoticed until they become a nuisance and are out of control. Mice, rats, and other rodent species create havoc wherever they are found. They destroy materials, chew on machinery, nest in the worst of places, and stink up space with their feces. Plus, many carry airborne diseases that transfer to humans and create serious complications.

Rather than having to pay for rodent control services, try organizing your space to avoid this added cost. If you do hire somebody to get things back in control, you will want to ensure you don’t have that problem again. This can be a stressful situation, and you want to avoid having to deal with it if possible.

Placing Large items Out of the Way

Larger items, such as lawn mowers or snowblowers, may be hard to place up off the ground, but you can get them out of the way and into an area that is easily accessible for use. Many of these types of machines have folding handles as well or are of a more compact nature. Reviews of smaller blowers exist for easier storage purposes if you are tight on space.

Controlling Clutter

One day you may seem organized, and the next you have a mess. Clutter can become a problem very quickly if you do not have a designated place for your tools from the start. This actually can create stress and anxietyin your life as well- especially if you have trouble finding what you need.  Luckily, it isn’t very hard to begin to organize the worst of it all.

First off, have a plan in place before you begin getting everything in its rightful place. Organize and go through your tools, getting rid of duplicates (unless you feel you need them) and setting aside seasonal products that might only be used a few months out of every year.

If you store your tool in a garage, you want to ensure you have easy access to them, especially if you have a vehicle often stored in there. Nobody wants to have to maneuver around a large car or truck simply to get a pair of hedge trimmers. There are some great storage solutions you can consider that keeps tools up and out of the way, organized, and easily accessible. Never underestimate the space provides by your walls, or even overhead.

  • Baskets

Storage baskets of various sizes can hold all sorts of items. Everything from small garden stakes and wires, to stacked seed, starting pots and even propagated seeds, can fit into baskets that either slide in and out of a shelving unit, or hang along a pegboard.

  • Pegboards

Pegboards places along walls provide a wide array of choices to provide easy access to your tools. Scissors, pruners, hedge trimmer, towels, and other various small hand tools can all be hung along hooked inserts to keep them visible when needed.

  • Overhead Storage

Consider placing large items in overhead storage. Shovels, rakes, and brooms can all be placed lengthwise along the top of shelving, or from hooks hung from the ceiling. This still leaves them within reach, but also up and out of the way.

  • Storage Bins

Seasonal tools, such a pump for rainy seasons, small snow removal items, or even summertime fertilizers and the like can all be placed in labeled storage to help get them out of the way when not in use.


Keeping your garden tools well organized and stored for easily accessible use should be a priority. Not only does designating them a place to stay an excellent way to keep track of them, but it also helps clear up clutter, and helps deter any rodents you may have to lurk around. Whether you plan on placing your materials in bins or baskets, or hang them where they are most noticeable, is completely up to you.

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    Sorting through your garden equipment will help you decide what to keep, what to toss, and make more room in your shed or tool shed.

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