7 Common Myths About Vacuum Cleaner

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Do you think of yourself as an updated housekeeper? Let’s check how many of these 7 common vacuum cleaner myths do you know, yes your favorite housekeeping help-

1. HEPA is a must for Vacuum Cleaner

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. This is a special mechanism in built-in certain filters of Vacuum Cleaner. These filters are designed in a way to stop not less than 99.9% of particles of the size of 0.3 microns or more. A major belief sustains that if you don’t own a vacuum cleaner having HEPA filter with it, you don’t have an efficient cleaner.

However, the role of the quality of the filter in your Vacuum Cleaner depends upon the quality of air and surroundings you are operating in. The HEPA filter is needed only if you are vacuuming in very rough conditions or living in areas that are prone to wind storms. Hence, considering HEPA for the efficiency of any Vacuum cleaner is a myth.

2. Amps decide the power of Vacuum Cleaner

Do not fall into the uneducated tricks the salesman throw on you. Many customers have reported that they have been told that the more a vacuum cleaner has an amp label on it, the more it has power. However, relating the amps to the power of a vacuum cleaner is completely illogical and a myth.

Let us understand this with an example. Suppose a vacuum cleaner has a label of 8 amp on it. It only gives the information about the current it will use when operational. In a layman’s words, the Amp rating of a vacuum cleaner only explains the input it is getting. Not the power it is generating.

3. Heavy Vacuum Cleaners are more efficient

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If you have this in mind too that the bigger/heavier vacuum cleaners are better, then you are wrong. It is a huge myth that needs to be broken. In fact, the weight or the size of a vacuum cleaner has nothing to do with its performance. A machine receives its weight from the technology it is built from. There are a lot of modern and powerful vacuum cleaners are introduced that are lighter. Thus, the shape and weight of a cleaner depend on the operational area it is designed for.

4. Stickiness to the surface determines Vacuum

It is a renowned test that has been in practice for a very long. However, it is a myth. In this test, the vacuum unit is put in front of a mirror. A vacuum seal is created between the two surfaces when the cleaner is turned on. It is a common belief that your vacuum cleaner is powerful if you have to put a lot of effort to remove the vacuum from the mirror surface.

Science contradicts this belief. A powerful vacuum seal is created whenever there is minimum contact between two surfaces. This phenomenon has nothing to do with the ability of your cleaner.

5. Bagless Vacuum Cleaners are better than Bagged ones

This is also major confidence in some of the customers that bagless vacuum cleaners are modern and hence, better than others. This faith is also one of the most baseless vacuum cleaner myths. Every Vacuum cleaner has its own advantages but if we follow the vacuum experts, almost all of them prefer to go for the regular vacuum cleaners having bags. The reason for this is also considerable. They advise that the cost of a vacuum bag is lesser than the filters of a bagless vacuum cleaner. Also, the vacuum bags are easy to remove and attach. Maybe the new bagless Vacuum cleaners are popular among the customers for now, but the vacuum experts still show confidence in the traditional ones.

6. Pushing the Vacuum cleaner toward the carpet is better

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Even if you don’t believe the above-mentioned myths, this one may be the one even you must be practicing. This funny practice cum myth has been with the customers for a very long now. It is believed that pressing the cleaner more towards the carpet will provide better cleaning. However, it should be vice versa. Sticking the cleaner to the carpet does not leave any room for airflow. This reduces the vacuuming capacity of the appliance.

The position for the best result should be keeping the cleaner higher from the carpet till the brush is in contact with the surface.

7. Vacuum Cleaner does not require any maintenance

It is one of the biggest misbeliefs in the public that vacuum cleaners are service-free and hence require no attention for maintenance. To your surprise, it’s a myth. One has to understand that the Vacuum Cleaner is not like the common appliances at home. This tiny house help deals with dust, dirt, and other mess all the time. Thus, it requires a lot of attention and cleaning too. If you think that you can be carefree with the vacuum cleaner and use it until you die, then you are wrong.

In the end, we believe this article has helped you to understand the most common vacuum cleaner myths. If you are planning to buy a new vacuum cleaner for your home, here are the best recommendations-

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