Your study table lamp is flickering- do you know why?

how to fix flickering light bulbs
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Flickering lights give you tough times at night. You cannot concentrate when your table lamp or light bulb is flickering consistently. The underlying causes can be many and they need a quick fix. The advantage of knowing the reasons behind flickering lights is that this can be a simple fix sometimes which you can do it yourself. However, sometimes you might need to call a professional when something serious has happened. Get these wonderful tips on how to fix flickering light bulbs in less cost and less effort.

Loose bulb

This is a familiar reason of flickering bulbs. When your professional investigate the issue and identifies the problem in the exterior of your house, then you will have to call an electric company to look into the matter, to look into the condition of your electric cables. In most of the cases, it happens due to a loose-fitting bulb. To fix this flickering bulbs problem, you must turn the fixture and gently take hold of the bulb to tight it. You will have to ensure that the bulb is well placed in the socket. However, if you see the light is still twinkling, then a replacement will be necessary. However, even after replacement it does not stop beaming, the issue might be different and a grave one.

Wrong connection, defective switch

Sometimes a defective switch also causes this Flickering lights problem. The switch of the fixture will wear out after some point of time. Another possibility of this flickering bulbs may be the screw terminals on the light switch get a faulty connection. Check the plugging connection, make sure it is properly connected to the outlet. When you find that switch has some defects, then replace it immediately.

wrong connection, defective switch

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When the defect is in the switch terminals, then place them tightly in position. If you see the plug is loose in the outlet, slightly remove it and squeeze the projected parts of the outlet with your fingers so that the plug can sit there in its position and you can get rid of this Flickering lights condition.

Change in the voltage led to flickering bulbs

Fluctuating voltage also causes flickering lights. When you use a huge appliance, for example, a microwave or iron that consumes high electricity, you will see the other light bulbs start flickering.


Change in the voltage led to flickering bulbs

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It happens when the light bulbs are on the same branch circuit. The other symptoms you will see an unusual brightness of lights or too dim. Apart from that, you will face problems with your refrigerator because of low voltage problem. When you see this is a persistent problem, you should call an electrician to inspect this issue of flickering lights. If the issue is located outside of your house, then the problem might be with your wires. To repair this flickering bulbs problem, you should contact the electric company to examine your electric cables outside the house.

The solution flickering bulbs can be ranging from screwing of a light bulb to a more serious kind and the cost will depend on the nature of the solution. Sometimes a slight bending at the socket tab to upward may give better connectivity and it takes just a minute. You can use a screwdriver for the purpose. However, before calling an electrician, you should try yourself to fix this flickering bulbs condition. You can first switch off the fixture and use a voltage tester to see there is no power on the switch.

When you do it yourself

The repairing of flickering lights will be a kind of weekend DIY project for you. You will need a few tools for this- Flat tip screwdriver, voltage tester etc. You must remember a few facts before started doing it. Some lights for example, fluorescent and LED tend to flicker by nature and this can be normal.

fluorescent and LED tend to flicker by nature

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In this respect, flickering bulbs is not a serious issue and will go away sooner or later. They tend to flicker at the time of turning them on and do not last long. However, if the flickering bulbs condition is annoying for you then you must replace them. Sometimes they flicker because of wrongly connected to a driver or with dimming systems. The structural fault is what determines the nature of blinking.

Keep a check on the voltage supply

The standard voltage supply to your home should be somewhere between 115 and 125 volts. You can buy the voltmeter to keep a check on the voltage structure. If your readings rise above the standard level, then the flickering lights problem will surface.

Your house may set on fire and this is a severe damage. It happens when you have loose wiring at your home. You first put off the light of the circuit breaker before you remove the fixture. If you see the fixture look loose, then you must call an electrician. If the flickering does not stop then you must examine the entire wiring system at your home.

Never ignore an electrical problem. Otherwise, it might lead to a grave consequence later. Prevention is better than cure and getting some idea about how to fix flickering light bulbs will save you from any danger in life.

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