Light It Up: Simple Tricks to Brighten Up a Windowless Room


Windowless rooms can be dreary, dark, plain and outright miserable. However, we cannot avoid this kind reality because some homes are already experiencing this one. If this is the case, don’t settle for less. There’s always something you can do something that will resolve your dilemma.

There are lots of tricks and approaches to take away the fact that your home doesn’t have a window and transform your cave into a happy, cheerful place. Here are some of the tips and tricks to light up a windowless room.

Decorate with Light Colors

Decorating your room with light colors will help you make a breezy feeling. It will influence your space to feel like open which will make the need for your window to feel less essential. Always be sure not to utilize an excessive number of contrasting hues.

An excessive number of colors will be jarring and will influence the space to feel crowded and swarmed. Simply maintain simple hues at all costs.

Choose the Right Light Bulbs


The temperature of your lights can have a huge effect and impact on how your room feels and looks. If your home has a windowless room, you’ll need to make sure to utilize a daylight bulb. These bulbs are a brilliant, clear light as opposed to the milder yellow that tends to work in family bedrooms and rooms.

Choose a Focal Point

The first thing that you will do is to establish and build a focal point. It’s either an entertainment unit, fireplace mantle or a bold of a piece of craft – anything. At the point when individuals come into your room, their eyes will quickly notice your focal point, and it will distract them from the fact that you don’t have a window. It would also be a big and major help with regards to arranging your furniture.

Use Mirrors to Your Advantage


Mirrors reflect light, so utilize them and use them frequently. Hang a few mirrors all through the room to maximize and expand the measure of light reflected in your room. And don’t be reluctant to consider your options – mirrored furniture is an extraordinary approach to get a similar impact and with a little glamour.

Simple Lines

Keeping your furniture lines spotless and streamlined will help you shield your room from looking fussy, dark, and crowded. Always avoid overstuffed couches and seats, intensely cut case goods, and unnecessary things. A lighter-feeling room will help you bring down the absence of a window.

Fake a Window

In some cases faking a window is one of the best and ideal approach. The first thing that you will do is to locate a huge mirror that takes up a decent measure of divider space and after that hang window ornaments on either side. The impact and effect can be twofold – one is that it can set up a focal point, but mirrors also reflect the light, so you’ll expand whatever light is in your room.

Disperse Light Evenly

It is essential to have a wide range of lightings like table lamps and overhead fixtures. However, having a windowless room must also make sure that the light is evenly scattered and dispersed. An ideal way to deal a windowless room is to have pot lights spaced throughout your ceiling. Everybody doesn’t want any areas of their room especially their beds to be dim and darker than others.


They say that you will never recognize what you had till it’s already gone, and that is unquestionably true for your windows. When managing a windowless room, you will truly miss the normal light and the value they bring. Regardless of whether you’re arranging a little remedial development or a handy solution, there are lots of ways and approaches to bring that same feeling to your home. Just follow all the tips and ideas that are given above for you to be guided.


Author Bio

yassi parish mr. rightYassi Parrish is a freelance writer and designer. She loves to explore new designs and patterns through the internet. At home, Yasi loves to play with her dog, Chacha. She also loves to have a quality with her family despite her busy schedules.

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