DIY electrical toolkit must-haves

electrical toolkit must haves
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If you are someone who likes to do the little electrical tasks on your own and do not like to call an electrician for it then there are certain electrical toolkit essentials that you must have. These electrical tools help you pursue all the little important tasks that arise at home every now and then. Infact if you are an enthusiast then these tools will excite you and interest the electrician in you. The following are the top most important DIY electrical toolkit must-haves for everyone.

1. Wire strippers

Wire strippers are definitely the most important electrical toolkit must-haves. This tool should come with a stripping gauge which can fit with all kinds of wires. It also comes along with wire cutters, pliers for bending the tip. So if you wish to do DIY electrical work yourself at home or office.



wire strippers

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2. Wire Cutter

You will also need a pair of wire cutters as they can help to save the day when going through electrical problems. They can help you cut wires which are otherwise hard to cut. These wires are usually found in older buildings and homes.  If you are into light electrical work then you will definitely need this tool.

wire cutter

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons


3. Voltage Tester

Another invaluable tool that you must have in your toolkit is a voltage tester. It must be a noncontact tester and helps find out if a particular wire has current running through it or not. Infact this tool is also useful in the case when something electrical is not working fine and needs troubleshooting.

4. Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are electrical toolkit must-haves which you can easily find anywhere. This tool is a lightduty product which helps in almost all kinds of electrical and electronic works.  Even insulated varieties of screwdrivers are available but if you are already using voltage testers then you may not need them.

5. Fish tape and electrical tape

Fish tape and electrical tape are another few things you must always have present in your toolkit for electrical tasks. Fish tape will prove useful in the case when you are working on something which involves fishing or pulling wires through walls. This tape wont be required in simple projects. On the other hand, an electrical tape is basically a black colored stretchy tape which is used to do repair tasks such as small nicks in wires, insulating wire nut connections and others. This kind of tape comes in several colors so that you can use it for labelling wires purpose.

Some other useful items for your toolkit include wire nuts, mounting screws, face plate screws, cover plates and container etc.  Make sure you complete your toolkit soon as that you can easily carry out all the electrical tasks on your own and without any problem. These items are easily available at most hardware or supermarket style stores near you.

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