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Termites are one of the main reason for the damage of wooden item in home. They breed fast and eat away your wooden items in home. Soil, water and wood are the three conditions that provide breeding ground to these parasites. So be careful and do not provide any opportunity for the termites to munch on your woods. In this article, we are going to talk about 11 guidelines for termite prevention in detail to prevent your wooden items.

Guidelines for termite prevention:

  1. Water is very important for termite breeding. Identify all the source of water leakage in your home (both interior and exterior) like any leaky faucet or leaky hose pipe and repair them. Do not make water easily availabe to them.
  2. Eliminate any standing water around your home like rain water accumulation in your garden or yard.
  3. Reduce heavy vegetation growth around your home. Vegetation reduce sunlight to reach ground and create area of intense moisture (ideal for termite growth). So regularly trim down heavy brushes around your home. This will make it easy for sunlight to reach your home and reduce moisture.
  4. Store excess logs of wood and firewood in such a way that they do not touch the ground. Create a barrier between the wood and ground to prevent direct access to the termites. Place a think concrete slab or think metal slab stand to raise the wood off the ground.
  5. Do not bury wood scrap in the ground. Remember wood and soil are ideal for termite growth.
  6. Remove any dead tree from your yard or garden. Termites love dead plant.
  7. Keep all the drains and gutter unclogged to prevent water from getting collected in your yard or garden. Remember that water accelerates termite growth.
  8. Make your home well ventilated to keep adequate air flow through home. This would keep moisture at bay and prevent termite growth.
  9. Seal all the cracks in your home. This will prevent easy access for the termites.
  10. Furniture in garden are in direct contact with the ground and become easy target for the wandering termite. So prefer using metal or fiber furniture in the garden area.
  11. If you find any mud tube on the walls or on furniture, immediately call termite control professionals for inspection.

So what to do if you follow all guidelines for termite protection but termites still begin to feast on your wooden items? Solution is Mr. Right.

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Be careful! Be happy!

Team Mr.Right

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