Luminous India – Your One-Stop Shop That Offers A Wide Range of Lighting Solutions at Reasonable LED Light Prices

Lighting solutions play an important part in the look and feel of any home decor. And therefore, it is very important to choose the best lighting solution that goes with your home decor. But what if you are sitting on a tight budget that does not allow you to spend extravagantly on a quality lighting solution? Well, you need not worry about that because we got you covered.

In this post, we introduce you to Luminous India, a brand that offers a wide range of quality lighting solutions at very reasonable LED light prices. Come let’s take a look at the lighting solution types that the company has to offer.  

Types of Lighting Solutions Luminous Offers

1.    LED Batten

If you are looking for an LED batten that evenly distributes light to all parts of a room then you can go with Luminous India’s LED battens that are built with an intuitive design and intelligent technology. The best thing about these battens is that they are sleek in design and come with smart features such as mood lighting.  The Smart switch batten, for instance, offers a smooth automatic transition of 15 seconds from switch on to switch off.

2.    LED Lamp

The LED lamps from Luminous India are designed to add to the style quotient of any room. They come in smart shapes and designs that will make your skip a beat. And if you are thinking that a lamp’s purpose is just to help you avoid a bulb’s glare, we recommend that you must check out the exclusive collection of LED lamps that they have to offer. We bet you will order one, right away.

3.    LED Surface Panel

Surface lights offer uniform and bright illumination that enhances your room’s ambiance.  The LED surface panel lights are available in different colors that are sure to bring out the true color in your room. There are two shapes available – the round surface ring and the square surface ring and the price range is between INR 150 –  INR 200.

4.    LED Panel

The LED panels from Luminous India are designed to bring out the true colors in your room by enhancing its illumination. They come with certified LED chips that ensure longer life and enhanced illumination with an illumination index of more than 80. The lighting panels are available in the following color options – cool white, natural white, and warm white. The price of these panels varies from INR 400 to INR 1200.

5.    LED Spotlight

As the name suggests, the LED spotlight is a perfect lighting solution to enhance the beauty of a spot or a decor item. You can use them to decorate your pictures, cabinets, cupboards, shelves, worship areas, and similar such items or areas The LED spotlights are available in the following color options – blue, cool white, green, red, pink, red, warm white. The price of these lights starts around INR 200 and goes up to INR 800 to INR 900.

6.    LED Concealed Light

The LED concealed lights are easy to install and are meant to be fixed in junction boxes on the ceilings (including false ceilings). Just like the spotlight, the concealed lights to are available in different colors. You can choose a color depending on your mood or as per the decor. The concealed lights are available in round shape and their housing material is made of polycarbonate (plastic). The price of these lights ranges anywhere between INR 200 – INR 500.

Wrap Up

Besides the above-mentioned lights that are installed inside the homes, Luminous India also offers floodlights that offer widespread illumination and are installed in the open, outside the home. You can check them out and the above-mentioned lighting solutions on Luminous India’s portal. We are quite sure that you will not only love them but you will be left spoilt for choice.

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