List of diseases caused in rainy season

List of diseases caused in rainy season
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The rainy season is here again and besides the lovely weather and the freshly washed surroundings, we have to face the reality of the negatives things that come along.  One of them is the various diseases caused in rainy season. Yes, there are a number of diseases which tend to occur during the monsoons in India. These are mostly insect based diseases which means that they are caused when certain insects or mosquitoes bite humans. It is important to beware of them and also the insects that cause them. This is why we have brought you a list of diseases caused in rainy season.

1. Malaria

Malaria is the most common of the diseases caused in rainy season in India.  Female mosquitoes which breed in dirty water cause this disease.

  • Symptoms: One may experiences chills, fever, weakness and muscle pain.
  • Prevention:  it is important to clean or remove collected water from your surroundings. Use mosquito repellents to avoid mosquito bites, wear full sleeved clothes and use other insect repellent methods such as using screens on doors and windows etc.
malaria causing mosquito

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2. Diarrhoea

Another condition which is caused in the rainy season is diarrhoea.  This disease is caused due to the unhygienic consumption or handling of food and water.

  • Symptoms:Loose stools, fever, bloating, nausea etc.
  • Prevention:This is a highly preventable condition and can be avoided if you are careful about the water and food you are consuming during the rains.  It is important to wash hands before eating and cooking as this keeps you away from disease causing germs. Make sure the fruits and vegetables you eat are properly washed and the water that you consumed is boiled or filtered.

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3. Dengue

Dengue fever is also a monsoon ailment which is caused by dengue mosquito.  Dengue mosquito is also commonly known as the Tiger mosquito.

  • Symptoms: Some of the common signs and symptoms of this disease include joint paint, body ache, fever and rashes.
  • Prevention: To protect yourself from it, wear full sleeve clothes, use insect repellents and stay away from dirty water and water logged areas. Moreover keep your surroundings clean always and use screens on doors and windows.
dengue fever

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4. Chikungunya

This is another common disease which is caused during the rainy season.  This disease is transmitted by the bite of infected aedes albopictus mosquitoes which breed in dirty or stagnated water.  They bite during daylight and one must be careful during this time of the day.

  • Symptoms: Some of the common symptoms of this disease include joint pain, abrupt onset of fever and chills.
  • Prevention:  To prevent this disease, make sure the water around you is always clean and avoid collecting water in water coolers and even in plants. Moreover use insect repellent sprays, coils and lotions to keep the mosquitoes away. Wear full sleeved clothes as much as possible.

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5. Typhoid

Typhoid is yet another water-borne disease which is common during monsoons. It is caused by S.Typhi bacteria and is spread through contaminated water or even food.  One of the reasons for the spreading of this disease is poor sanitation.

  • Symptoms: Some of its symptoms include weakness, headache, sore throat, pain and fever.
  • Prevention: Maintain proper sanitation to avoid this disease and also avoid eating street-side foods. You must be careful about how you wash and cook your food as proper washing and boiling can prevent this condition.
cause of typhoid

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These were some of the diseases caused in rainy season. Most of them are caused due to insects or due to contaminated water. Thus during monsoons, remain very careful and take proper precaution to avoid each of these and the many others. Maintain cleanliness at home and one way to do so is to opt for complete home cleaning through Mr Right.

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