How to install or wall mounting a LED TV like a Pro

Wall Mounting a TV is actually a simple job, for which we pay quite a premium in most cases. Having the right tools and knowledge, you can mount your new TV in no time like a pro!

Preparation before wall mounting a led TV

Make sure you have the following items in your arsenal before you start

  1. Fasteners
  2. Mount bracket
  3. Screws for the TV
  4. A hammer
  5. Screwdrivers
  6. Drill machine

These days all TVs are supplied with wall mounting kit. If wall mount brackets were not supplied with the TV, buy one according to the size of the television. Here’s a list of wall mounts available on via reputed sellers:

  1. Tanotis 6 Way Swivel Tilt TV Wall mount for LCD/LED TV’s upto 32″ to 47″ inch
  2. Heavy Duty LCD Wall Mount Dual Arm for 17″ TO 42″
  3. Universal 14 to 42 inch LED LCD TV Wall Mount Bracket

Attaching the wall bracket

wall mount bracket

Now, get into the wall mounting a led tv. First, decide the height at which you want to mount the TV. Note where the center of the TV lies. This is the point where the wall bracket should be installed. Hold the wall bracket on the wall, make sure it is horizontal. Use a spirit bubble level to get a perfectly horizontal alignment. With a pencil make marks on the wall where the fasteners will be inserted. Keeping the width of the wall in mind, make the necessary holes. Remove the bolts from the fasteners and hammer in the fastener barrels into the drill holes. Then fix the wall bracket in place by tightening the bolts.

Wall mount accessories for the TV

mounting screws on the tv

Now spot mounting holes on the back of the television. Place the mounting arms on the back of the television and align them to the mounting holes. Screw the mount arm in place.

Connecting the cables

Before mounting the television, attach the necessary cables to the TV. Otherwise, if you have a fixed wall mount, it will get difficult to attach cables after mounting due to lack of space behind the TV.

Mounting the TV

mounting the television

Now, according to the type of wall mount you have, follow the manufacturer’s instruction and mount the TV securely. Confirm a secure mount by giving the TV a slight shake. Done!

For queries regarding wall mounting a TV please comment in the section below.

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