Top Smart TV features that you’re missing out on!

smart tv features
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Thinking of getting a new TV, and confused between getting a smart TV or a normal television? Good, this article will help to weigh the additional features you get for that extra amount of cash you will have to pay. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the key smart tv features in 2017, but first:

What is a smart television?

Any television which can be connected to the internet and run applications (like video streaming services, internet browser etc) are termed as smart TVs. They were previously known as connected TVs, but manufacturers started using the term Smart TV.

With added features comes added cost but in recent times, smart TVs have become more affordable. Budget TVs have also started to offer internet accessibility these days.

Smart TV features

1. Operating System:

samsung smart tv with tizen operating system

Image Credits: Samsung

Every manufacturer has built their own version of smart OS that carries out the functionalities available. Samsung has developed Tizen OS, LG uses webOS and while Sony uses Android TV. These TV operating systems, just like a smartphone OS, have matured over time, gets software updates regularly. Its now just a matter of personal taste which one you like more.

2. Internet Connectivity:

smart tv running browser app

With internet on your TV, possibilities increase exponentially. Internet can be accessed using WiFi or an ethernet port. Every OS has an application store from where you can download and install apps and even games. You can access any website on the TV that you normally visit on your laptop, you can check your email, set up your Fantasy Premier League teams or order your favorite pair of shoes! You can also install applications like Facebook and Twitter, and stalk your friends on a big glorious screen.

3. Video Streaming:

online video streaming services on smart tv

One of the most used features of a smart TV is its ability to stream online videos. YouTube and Netflix right inside the TV! Apps for Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime are available on all smart TV platforms. Just install them and you have all of the content on the biggest screen your home.

How to install apps on a smart TV?

  • Depending upon which company’s smart TV you have, you might be required to signup for their account.
  • Access the application store by pressing Smart Hub(Samsung) button the remote, Home Button (LG) and then press the magnification glass icon to Search the app you’re looking for.
  • Select the app and press on the install button.

4. Screen Mirroring:

screen mirroring on smart tv

Image Credits: Google Play

Mobile or tablet screens can be cast on the TV. So, the next time you are trying to show photos to the family, just cast the phone’s screen to the TV. Sony TVs have Chromecast built-in, so, while watching YouTube videos simply press the cast button within the app and the video will be played on your TV.

How to mirror smartphone on smart TV?

  • Turn ON the TV
  • On your Android phone, navigate to Settings
  • Select Display
  • Scroll to Cast
  • Now, you should see your smart TV listed on your phone. If not, press the 3-dotted button on the top-right corner (shown in the screenshot below), then click on ‘Enable wireless display’

enabling screen mirroring feature

  • Now you should see your TV listed in the Cast settings

5. Accessories:

Smart TV these days also come with digital pens with handwriting recognition, 3D glasses, and even fitness bands! With Bluetooth, you can even connect mouse and keyboard for easy navigation and writing.

There is also an alternative for accessing the above-mentioned smart tv features without a smart TV. This can be done by using ChromeCast or Amazon Fire Stick. Getting normal TV with Chromecast can be a better deal considering how quickly technologies change these days. And upgrading a Chromecast/Amazon Fire Stick in the future is cheaper as compared to upgrading the whole TV altogether.

Here are some smart TVs that we’d recommend considering

Or consider getting these:

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