7 tips to use your washing machine efficiently and bring down the electricity bill

Tips for using washing machine effectively

Every home appliance consumes large amount of electricity during operation. Efficiency of any home appliance depends largely on how well you use it.  Inefficient use of any appliance increases the electricity bills. A washing machine consumes large amount of electricity for operation. Just buying a star rated energy efficient washing machine is not enough to save electricity but using it correctly will surely make an impact. When you use your washing machine efficiently you can actually cut down on your high electricity bills.

Here are some basic but very useful tips of using a washing machine efficiently:

Size of your washing machine

Buy the right size washing machine as per your requirement because bigger the size of machine, more electricity it consumes during operation. For a small family, an over-sized washing machine is not a smart choice as it is not only costly but consumes more electricity during operation. Similarly for a big family, an undersized machine will not be enough to wash all clothes in one go and you will have to wash clothes in more than one load. This means that your machine will run for longer duration and will consume electricity in every wash.

So choose a washing machine as per your family size and requirements.

Type of washing machine

A front load washing machine is more efficient that a top load . It also uses less water and electricity compared to the top load washing machine.

Load size per wash

Always load your washing machine optimally. An under loaded washing machine does not mean that it will consume less electricity. The amount of electricity used is same even if  the washer is not fully loaded or under loaded.

Similarly do not overload your washing machine as this will damage the drum bearings and belt of your washing machine. An overloaded washing machine fails to clean cloth properly because there is not enough room for movement in washer and so detergent and water cannot reach evenly to every cloth.

Right type and right amount of detergent

Use the right type of detergent for washing clothes. The type of detergent is different for front load and top load. Wrong detergent choice can lead to multiple wash cycles to wash clothes properly leading to wastage of water and electricity. Always use the manufacturer recommended detergent to wash clothes.

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Hot wash is not always needed

Hot wash uses a lot more electricity compared to cold wash. So if not needed do not wash your clothes on hot settings. Whenever possible wash your clothes on cold setting and save money on your electricity bills.

Dry clothes naturally

Drying clothes in sun or naturally is the most Eco-friendly way to save electricity. Natural drying is always better than thermal drying where heat and electricity is use to dry clothes. If you do not prefer to dry clothes under sun than go for front loading washing machines. Front load use less water and have a faster spin speed. The fast spin speed dries clothes in less times and saves electricity.

Say No to “Stand by ” Mode

Like any other home appliance, washing machines also consume electricity in stand by mode. So do not leave your washing machine in stand by mode.

Use your washing machine efficiently and save on your electricity bills.

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