Wake up Noida! Your city’s hard water is killing your RO water purifier

Deposition on RO Filter

Noida residents know it well that they are not blessed with good quality water. Hard water is a big problem in Noida. Residents spent big amounts annually to maintain the water purifier system in their homes. The prolonged exposure to hard water causes skin diseases, infections and hair loss. Residents sometimes complain that the water supplied by the authorities is too salty to be used for drinking and cooking purpose even after filtration. White layer accumulation over bathroom fittings & kitchen utensils, corrosion of iron pipes and discoloration of clothes are some common problems due to water hardness.

Hardness is most commonly expressed as milligrams of calcium carbonate equivalent per liter. Noida water hardness ranges from 108 mg/l to 838 mg/l depending on the water sources (Source Noida Authority). Below is the breakup of Calcium Carbonate concentration and water quality:

  • Below 60 mg/l – Soft Water
  • 60-120 mg/l – Moderately Hard Water
  • 120-180 mg/l – Hard Water
  • Above 180 mg/l – Very hard water

To overcome the problem of hard water , most of the households in Noida have RO water purifier system installed. RO (Reverse Osmosis) can be one of the best way to treat hard water and make it suitable for drinking and cooking purpose. But there are some major issues that come into picture after the RO system has been installed.(Source WHO, McGowan 2000)

Deposition on RO Filter

Deposition on RO Filter

The minerals present in hard water especially calcium gets accumulated on the filter and semipermeable membrane of RO (Reverse Osmosis) making the filtration process extremely difficult. This finally results in poor quality of drinking water. This calcium and other minerals accumulation slowly kills the filter and membrane which ultimately needs to be replaced. Replacing the filter and membrane becomes an expensive deal over time.Also when the membrane is not clean, RO system has to work harder to filter water. And this finally increase your utility bills.

The best solution to this inescapable problem is to educate our-self with the water quality supplied in our home. The RO systems are designed to separate heavy mineral particles from water. So knowing the type of heavy minerals present in the water in our locality can save RO system from getting damaged frequently.

In Noida the hardness and quality of water varies from sector to sector. Consider a hypothetical scenario, suppose the water supplied in Sector 26 of Noida has higher calcium content. So a calcium filtration system or softeners can be installed in line with the RO. This will provide the RO system a longer life.

But that’s not the end of the story, is always advisable to continuously monitor the water quality to control mineral accumulation on the RO filter and membrane.

In the end here are some simple but important advises to save the RO water purifier system:

  1. Always follow the steps recommended by the RO manufactures for RO installation
  2. Regularly monitor the RO system if it is functioning effectively
  3. Get the RO filters and membrane checked from time to time
  4. Continuously monitor the water quality supplied to your home. Check if it is deteriorating or improving in quality
  5. And last but not the least: Do not miss on the RO service and maintenance

So Friend, if after reading the above reminds you that you have missed your RO service or RO Repair, RO membrane change or any RO water purifier related checkup, connect with Mr. Right

Mr. Right has pool of RO service providers in Noida.

As a service provider for home improvement and maintenance, Mr. Right will always educate and update you on healthy homes and healthy lifestyle.

Stay Happy and Stay Blessed!

Team Mr. Right

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    Which brand of water purifier is most suitable for sector 100- Noida. Also what are specifications should be there in RO

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    Hello Divyaji,

    Can you please let us know the hardness of water in Sector 41 at NOIDA. How to reduce the hardness economically so that water is good enough for all other utilities including bathing, utencil cleaning apart from improving the life of RO purifier.

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