3 steps to keep your water healthy and water borne diseases at bay!

The large number of water borne disease reported in our city every day indicates that water supplied in our homes is unfit for drinking and consumption. In year 2013, West Bengal recorded the highest number of water borne diseases cases at 18.30 lakh and 302 deaths, followed by Uttar Pradesh with 8.2 lakh cases and 272 deaths. Maharashtra recorded over 5.27 lakh cases of diarrhoea and zero deaths. The condition is same in most of  the metros of India. As per a survey of Eureka Forbes and market research agency GFK, water borne diseases such as cholera, jaundice and typhoid account for 77% of all diseases in India. According to the survey, the families using RO purified water were reported with water borne diseases.This is an alarming situation.

So the question rises “Are our RO systems really effective in purifying water and making it fit for consumption?”

The solution lies in three word Testing, Choice and Service i.e.

  1. Testing the water quality before installing an RO. Knowledge about the water quality supplied to home is very necessary. One purifier is not fit for all types of water. For more information on this topic , refer to “Wake up Noida! Your city’s hard water is killing your RO purifier“.
  2. Consumer should choose the correct RO purifier that is effective against contamination and disease causing germs.  Many local RO manufacturers have emerged in the market today. There is a misconception that all water purifiers provide same level of  protection.
  3. Regular RO service and maintenance is key  to the effectiveness of  RO water purifiers. Periodic service and inspection of RO keeps the membranes and filters in good working condition. Thus maintaining the health and quality of water.

So Friend, if after reading the above reminds you that you have missed your RO service or RO Repair, RO membrane change or any RO related checkup, connect with Mr. Right.

Mr. Right has pool of RO service providers in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad.

As a service provider for home improvement and maintenance, Mr. Right will always educate and update you on healthy homes and healthy lifestyle.

Stay Happy and Stay Blessed!

Team Mr. Right

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