5 Common problems with RO water purifier

Common problems with ro water purifiers

80 percent of world’s diseases are water-borne. No doubt why it’s essential to drink safe and pure drinking water in today’s pollution afflicted world. Here, are some of the common problems with RO water purifiers:

1. RO water purifier not working at all

ro pcb

If your RO purifier gives no response when you switch it ON ie there’s no LED lights coming on and no sounds from the unit, then most likely the power supply cable is faulty or the PCB is at fault. Transformers and capacitors are most prone to faults on a PCB, and they can be simply replaced.

2. Water flow is too low

tds meter for ro

If the water flowing into the fresh water tank is very slow, it’s because either the water coming from the tap has very high TDS or one of the filters is choked. If former is the case, there’s nothing can be done to the RO to improve water flow. Generally, in rainy seasons TDS tends to increase. It might take 2-3 days for TDS to decrease back and then the water flow will improve. If TDS is normal and still the problem persists, then one of the filters has choked and will have to be replaced.

3. Water has bad taste or odor

filter replacement

If you’ve just installed a new RO water purifier or any of the filters, make sure you don’t start using the water before draining out the complete tank at least once. In some cases, the filters or membrane might have choked and needs to be replaced.

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4. Water leaking


Water might start to leak from the unit if fittings are not tight enough. Make sure you tighten all the connections. Also, if you have high tap water pressure, make sure the tap isn’t set to full flow. Applying unnecessary pressure onto the filters will only degrade them faster.

5. Vibrations in RO purifier

This problem is common when there has been a recent filter change in the water purifier. These vibrations are called pressure differential vibrations. Due to the difference in pressure between the different filters, vibrations start to occur. There’s no damage induced by these vibrations and generally fade away within 3-4 days.

For any other queries regarding problems with RO water purifier, please feel free to comment in the section below.

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    In my case, there is only one issue in the RO system which is low water flow from the tap, the vibration is little to almost no which I don’t think so as a big problem.

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    I really loved the content.Great article. Thanks for explaining everything step by step.
    Great blog…!!! I have worthy information from your post and Thank you for sharing with us. Keep doing…

    This blog is really very helpful and this blog is very innovative. This content is very appropriate

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    Hi, I have a to water purifier and I replaced all the three filter set sediment, carbon membrane and resin membrane three months ago from original supplier. The inlet water tds is around 700 ppm. Now the issue am facing is the output water tds is also around 650. I understood that there is some problem in the purification system but I am not able to sort it out. Please help me in this regard.
    Thank you in advance…!

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    Thanks for sharing this article. my RO purifier water flow is very slow. I have to wait for at least 3-4 hours to get a 1 liter of pure water. I get it serviced but again the same problem after 1 month.

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    My Kent RO water has small colourless particles floating in it, at times accompanied by bubbles which dissolve after some time and. Only after a while the water becomes clear. Is my RO working properly and is the water safe to drink?

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    I have checked my ro filter, i have alredy replaced sediment filter and post filter , but pure water flow is very low, my tank will full filp in 8 hour so what will do.

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    My RO purifier gets on and off. There is no specific time when it will be on and if gets on how long it will remain on. Any helpful suggestion?

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      Hi. You can do this by checking pressure of the water flowing out from the filters. Very low pressure signals a choked filter.

      Mr Right Team

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