How to use a microwave oven: Tips and suggestions

how to choose microwave utensils

A microwave is one of the most useful electronic appliances and one which fulfils several purposes. Not only does it enable you to heat food but also cook it. If you are someone who has got a new microwave oven and are unsure of using it then this article will prove useful. To use a microwave to its fullest potential, there are certain tips and suggestions that you must follow. The following is a detailed account of how to use a microwave oven.

1. Read the manual

The first thing to do to use the microwave properly is to read its user manual and safety instructions. The user manual will explain you several things which you may not know otherwise and thus proves very useful.  It will explain the various modes present and how to use each as well.

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2. Plug in and set the time

The next thing that you need to do is to plug the microwave in. Make sure you do not plug in several devices together as this can be slightly dangerous.  Now depending on what you are heating or cooking, set the time in the microwave. Doing so is easy. All you need to do is to either turn the knob or press the button against the time given on the microwave.

set time
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Many of the best convection microwave ovens alos have a preset settings of the time & temperature for various dishes allowing the user to quickly siwtch between various cooking modes.

3. Put the food item in the correct microwave utensil

Now add the food item or liquid to a microwave safe utensil and put the utensil in the microwave.  Remember to buy the utensil which is 100% microwave safe since you can damage the microwave if you use anything which is not suitable for it. There are many varieties of microwave safe utensils and come of them include plastic containers, borosilicate containers and others.

4. Learn about the various things you can cook in the microwave

It is true that most people use microwaves for heating foods and liquids but you can also use it for grilling, baking and cooking.  You may need to learn about the various things you can do in the microwave. There are certain microwaves that come with convention mode which too is a very useful feature

5. Learn how to clean the microwave

To use the microwave properly, you may need to maintain it regularly. For this, you must clean it not just on the outside but also on the inside. The best way to do so is by cleaning and washing the tray by removing it every now and then. Another method is to keep some water in a microwave safe utensil and heat it for sometime. This will lead to development of steam which will help remove stains and other particles from the inside

Now that you know how to use a microwave oven, you can easily get one for yourself. And if you want to get it installed, then you can opt for Microwave installation services by contacting Mr Right.

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