Common reasons for dishwasher not draining

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If you own a dishwasher at home then you must know how convenient this appliance makes washing of the dishes. It definitely reduces a lot of your workload in the kitchen but only until it isn’t showing signs of certain common problems such as dishwasher not draining. Yes, there are times when you can experience this issue and to resolve it, you must first understand the various reasons for it. Doing so will help to plan a proper course of action. This article will prove helpful to you as it brings you the most common reasons for dishwasher not draining:

1. The filter in the dishwasher tub may be clogged

REASON: One of the most common reasons for dishwasher not draining is a clogged filter of the dishwasher tub.


  • For this, you must remove all the dishes and utensils from the dishwasher and give the filter located at the bottom a good look.
  • It is true that modern day dishwashers have small built-in grinders but even then small food particles or other things can get stuck in the filter and may clog it.
  • Clear all the particles and trash and remove screws of the cage for further cleaning.
  • This should help resolve the issue.
clogged dishwasher

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2. Check the drain hose

REASON: Another one of the possible reasons for dishwasher not draining is a clogged drain hose.


  • To check this, unplug the appliance and remove the toe kick which is held in place using screws.
  • Loosen the hose clamp and disconnect the drain hose from the pump.
  • After this, blow through the hose if possible to ensure that it is properly cleared.
  • If it is blocked then check for any kinks and straighten them out.
  • Also, clear the corrosion that may sometimes build up in the disposer pipe or inlet using a small screwdriver.
clogged drainhose

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3. Check the drain valve

REASON: Another great way to repair the problem of dishwasher not draining is to check the drain valve of the appliance.  The drain valve basically does the job of keeping the water from draining back into the dishwasher.


  • To test this part, you will need to push on the valve bracket to ensure that it is moving without any glitches.
  • If the valve is frozen then this suggests that the electrical solenoid which controls it is burned out and may need to be replaced with a new one.
check drain valve

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Now that you know the most common reasons for dishwasher not draining, you will be able to tackle the issue in a much better way. While it is true those dishwashers are easy to check and repair but if you have no prior experience or training then it is suggested that you leave the job to professionals. There is no dearth of electricians or dishwasher technicians and they can be contacted through service providers like Mr Right. So contact them today and book an appointment for a professional to solve the problems related to dishwashers and other general home appliances repair.

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    I have the exact filter cover as shown in this article. How do I pop off this inset cover? I cannot find any screws, just a bunch of equal size square holes. I tried prying the sides up with a screwdriver, in case there are tabs that would pop out of the sides. That wasn’t working with light pressure. I was afraid to break the part by putting more pressure. Please help, I can already see the slime underneath! Yuck!

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