Fabulous home technology hacks you should try

home technology hacks
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Science has really progressed rapidly and its growth and development has affected us in many ways. So much so that you can even reap the benefits sitting at home. Yes, home technology has come a long way and you must definitely utilize it to make your home a smarter home. There are several fabulous home technology hacks that you too can try without doing too much hardwork. Some of the best ones have been given below.

1. Upgrade your thermostat

The first one of the home technology hacks to try is to upgrade your thermostat.  A smart thermostat gives you more control over the heating and cooling level or temperature in the house. This means that thermostats these days can automatically manage the temperature and detect when there is no one in the house. They thus adjust the settings and this helps you save a lot of your hard earned income on heating and cooling costs. You can even have remote access control over thermostats through your phone.

upgrade your thermostat

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2. Install Smart Lighting

Another home technology hack you can try is to install smart lighting in your house. Smart technology can mean multiple things. Firstly smart lighting can be controlled remotely through handheld devices. Another feature is automatic sensors or motion detectors which makes the lights switch on when presence is detected. All these features help you bring down the electricity bill by giving you more control over the lights and switches in the house.

3. Get Smart locks

Safety and security of the house is prime to everyone. Technology has made your house much safer by giving you the option of smart locks. Smart locks are those kinds of locks which you can lock or unlock through a mobile app.  These make your house much safer. On the other hand, they sometimes also include automatic alarm systems which go off when an unauthorised presence is detected.

smart locks

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4. Smoke Alarms

Another home technology hack that you can try is installing smoke alarms. Smoke alarms basically detect presence of fire, smoke and several types of hazardous gases. The alarm goes off if any is detected and this helps make your house safer.  The notification is even sent to your phone for situations when you aren’t there.  This adds to their list of features and qualities.

5. Smart CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras and surveillance is not enough these days. You need to opt for Smart surveillance. In this type, the entire video footage recorded by the cameras is sent to your phone over Wifi and you can thus remotely monitor the activities happening within and near your house. This helps make your home much safer.

These smart home technology hacks must be tried by everyone as they make life a much more comfortable experience. They also help make homes and neighbourhoods safer and thus take a lot of tension off the minds of residents.

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