Steps to take to prevent burglary at your home

Best ways to secure your house
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All of us are always trying to make our homes and offices secure so that no one is able to trespass the property without our knowledge or permission. But even then burglaries do happen and happen in good neighbourhoods as well. But there are some full proof methods which can help us prevent burglaries at home so that our families and our valuable items remain secure and out of reach of thieves or burglars. The following are some of the most useful and effective steps you can take to prevent theft or burglary at your home:

  1. Keep all doors, windows, sheds etc locked at all times

It is true that we lock our doors and windows etc when we are not at home and this helps to secure the house to a large extent but this is also important while we are still indoors.  Check the locks on a regular basis to ensure their proper functioning and durability.  The locks should be strong, sturdy and latest in their functioning.

  1. Secure your house using burglar alarms and smart security technology

Technology is improving with each passing day and thus it is best to make use of it to secure your house. Make use of burglar alarms, smart CCTV cameras, remote controlled doors etc to protect your belongings and family from any kind of unauthorised access. These devices alarm you in case of trespassing so that quick action can be taken and are a must these days!

Get CCTVs installed in and around your house

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  1. Install enough lighting around your house

It is important that the areas just outside your house are well lit. Thus if you see that there isn’t much lighting, try to install it on your own. What this does is that it scares burglars away and keeps your neighbours informed about the activity around the house. Most thefts take place in poorly lit residential areas.

Have enough lighting around your house for its safety

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  1. Always leave a few lights on when you are not at home

Remember to keep a few lights in and outside the house on so that no one is able to guess that you are not at home. Thieves generally target those houses where lights are off since they try to steal when no one is at home.


  1. Connect your home security with your phone through app

One of the greatest advantages of smart security technology is that now you can control the security of your house through your phone, no matter where you are. This means that you can watch live CCTV footage on your phone and also get notification if someone is trying to break in so that you can make the alarm go off.

Secure your house properly

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Now that you know the top tips to secure your house and prevent burglary, make sure you follow them to prevent loss of valuable. Also keep in mind general tips like keep jewellery and cash in lockers, cleaning your surroundings regularly to not let thieves think that the property is abandoned etc.

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