Top 5 Security Trends of 2020 You Must Know

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Who does not want to stay protected from any kind of threat to life or property? Security is the top priority of a person wherever he lives. Fastening doors and windows are not enough to ensure safety. You have to be more careful in times of increased crime rates like thefts, burglaries, or murders.

Criminals are always in seek of an opportunity to carry out their mischievous plans so the need for security has increased. As you cannot trust anyone in this world and cannot live carefree of any kind of possible dangers around you. 

Fastening doors and windows need to be added protection as the intruders can easily break into a house that does not have any precautionary measures against crimes.  Here are the security trends that consumers must know to stay safeguarded:

Voice Control

A key can be converted into several copies that the intruders may use to enter into your property and harm your property and life and ordinary doors can be easily broken and opened by them so voice control technology can act as a great smart lock on your doors and through this technology, you can control your security systems even when you are remote. You can arm or disarm your security from outside your home by use of your mobile app and your voice.

Wireless monitoring and artificial intelligence

Through this technology, you can easily keep an eye on the activities going on around you. These wireless systems are equipped with alarms and artificial intelligence that work together to identify any suspicious activity for instance if a person stays longer than normal. outside your house, a wireless monitoring system with AR can recognize him and alarm you of his presence.

Through this system, you can monitor your home’s surroundings even if you are away through your phone or laptop.

Artificial Intelligence can easily recognize if any abnormal activity happens and ensures your peace of mind.

Outdoor Cameras

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Intruders are always a threat that can only be reduced by securing outdoors. By the installation of outdoor cameras, you can diminish the possibility of someone breaking into your house because no one would want to get indulged in any kind of legal activity by getting caught in the camera’s eyes and you can also have a  secured outdoor environment. They can also be visual proof of any crime around your premises.

Smart Locks

Ordinary doors could be broken and unlocked easily but the installation of smart locks uses personalized features to enter into a property that could not be used by anyone else. They need your face or voice recognition or fingerprint that makes it hard for anyone else to get access to your house.

Alarm System

Alarm systems are trending nowadays because of the increased risk of thefts and crimes so that the intruders could be caught red-handed. The installation of an alarm system can make sure to warn the residents that any intrusion is being done in their privacy and there is harm to their security. 

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