Tips on protecting pets from dangers of home repairs

protect pets from home repairs
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Home repairs may prove to be really useful for you and for your home but what about your pets? Do you think that the home repairs that you are engaging in are suitable for your furry friends? Probably not.  Various kinds of home repairs can prove potentially dangerous for your pets not just because of the materials used but also because of risk of accidents. If you wish to carry out home repairs without harming or hurting the pets in the house, you can follow the tips that have been given as follows.

1. Identify the possible dangers for the pets

The first thing that you must do is identify all the possible dangers that home repairs pose for your pets.  For example if you are getting a paint job done, then you must find out if the paint and its constituents are safe for your pets or not.  If yes, either keep pets away when paint is being done or avoid using the particular paint altogether. Similarly, there are many other harmful substances present in the house during repairs and some include glue, tools, wooden and sawdust chips, insulation materials and so on.

identify home repair dangers for pets

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2. Protect your pets from dangers

It is impossible to remove all the dangerous objects from the house during repair works. But what you can do is that you can keep your pets out of danger by protecting them. For this, you can keep the pets off the areas where the repair work is going on. This can be done by either keeping doors closed or creating a fence or boundary which pets can’t cross. Besides this, you can make sure that the dangerous objects or tools are kept out of reach of pets. Once the repairs are done, the area is cleaned properly to avoid pets ingesting potentially harmful leftovers.  In case the pets come in contact with any harmful substance or injure themselves in any way, make sure you call the vet right away and take the necessary steps forward.

3. Provide pets a safe haven during repair works

If it is impossible for you to limit your pet’s access to only safe areas in the house, then you can either leave your pet with someone you trust while repairs take place or create a kennel for them to be in. You need to make sure that your pet friend feels safe and has a space of his own.  You can also divert the attention of the pets when repair works are going. This can be done by either playing with them in the garden or backyard or by engaging them in other activities.

provide a safe haven to pets

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Anyone who has pets may agree to the fact that our little friends become more than family. Thus you must remain extra cautious about their safety and health before taking up any home repair project. The above given tips would definitely be of help.

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