5 possible reasons of seepage problem in your home

Seepage is a very common problem which majority of Indian Households must have had encountered at some point of time. It causes damages like water marks, blisters and bubbled paint work on the walls and ceiling of the room. When the seepage is really bad it causes water to trip from the walls and ceiling. The moisture and dampness due to seepage can result in fungal and bacterial growth which in turn could cause various allergies to the occupants of the home. Here we will discuss the various reasons of seepage that you can face in your home.


5 common reasons of Seepage in homes are:

  1. Faulty Internal Plumbing
    • Leaky drainage pipes or sanitary fitments in home
    • Outflow in the water supply pipes
    • A leakage in the neighborhood property’s internal plumbing
  2. Rain water accumulation due to poor vent on roof.
  3. Water tank leakage
  4. Poor waterproofing at the time of construction
  5. Presence of Natural underground water (particularly after period of heavy rainfall)

If you are facing seepage problem, check for all the possible causes in your house. If you discover that seepage in your home is due to faulty plumbing like a leaky faucet, water tank overflow etc., book a plumbing service with Mr. Right. And if  seepage in your home is due to the leaky internal plumbing in neighbor’s house, then recommend  Mr. Right to your neighbor.

Mr.Right has a network of plumbers in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Faridabad.

Water looks good when it comes out of taps but not when it drips from the ceiling. Do not ignore seepage problem because late action may lead to a large damage and high repair cost.

Stay happy! Stay Blessed

Team Mr. Right

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