Natural ways to treat stained paint on your floor tiles

The renovation is a cumbersome task indeed and you will encounter many difficulties while getting it done. We love to experiment with our living space and therefore you might feel renovating your home from time to time. First, you would like to start with the tiles. No doubt, good flooring is a great delight to the eyes. The stained paint from floor tiles might annoy you sometimes and there is nothing unusual about it. Your floors are most likely affected by painting work done periodically at your home. Paints dripped on the floor accidentally create a messy environment at home. No matter how much you spend on your furniture or other things to divert the attention of visitors, they always come to notice. These tips about how to remove paint from floor tiles will give you a proper direction to take care of things at hand.

How to remove paint from the grouts

You must notice that it is easy to remove the stained paint from floor tiles, though it is nearly impossible when you go to remove it from the grout. In such cases, the only option left for you to re-grout the whole area without using a solvent based product.

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Get rid of it when the stain is fresh

This is a practical thing to be remembered that you can remove even a heavy stain paint from floor tiles by simply dabbing with an absorbent rag or some paper towels before it starts drying.  When you see much of the stain has gone, use a slight amount of solvent to wash the area.

If it is a latex based paint, then use plain water in order to remove paint from floor tiles. For water based paint, only use mineral water. Use a good scrubber to clean the grout area. Avoid steel scrubber as this might leave scratches on the porcelain and metal tiles.

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How to remove paint when it dries out

Here scraping works a lot when your spill paint from floor tiles dries out. Do not use a metallic knife, instead use a putty knife with a sloping edge to do the scraping. It helps you to take out the stain. Half of the result you will see after applying this technique once or twice.

Any remaining paint from floor tiles should be washed away with soaps soaking in the warm or mineral water considering the nature of the paint.

How to remove paint when it dries out

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How to remove paint and restore tiles to their original condition

When you want to retain the original color of your paint from floor tiles, you will have to use a paint stripper to scrape most of the paint from floor tiles, together with a citrus based product from the market to spread it over the area. Continue doing it until the bubble appears, then again use the scrapper to take it out. Repeat it for at least 3 to 4 times if you expect a better result. As you finish it, scrubbing should be done with regular water or mineral water.

How to remove paint and restore tiles to their original condition

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Scrubbing or removing? Which one is best to treat the grout?

There are many pores you can notice in the grout of your tiles. Grouts are made up of pores. If your grout is not sealed, paint from floor tiles might spread out and will discolor the whole area, and then it will be impossible to go away.

Use an old toothbrush to scrub the discolored grout. Rub it with alcohol. When you do this, alcohol helps to dissolve the latex paint remains. When it comes to oil based paint, it helps to dissolve lacquer thinner.

However, it is unlikely that you will get all the discoloration removed. The remaining of the affected grout should be treated with a professional grout removal tool. Always seal a grout to prevent any future stained paint from floor tiles.

This blog is a useful guide about how to remove paint from floor tiles all by yourself at home.

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