4 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Using Concrete On Your Property

Concrete is one of the most amazing and versatile materials around. With an awesome combination of strength and beauty, it’s the perfect choice to add to your property. Durable, flexible, and able to create some stunning projects, concrete is a sure win for your outdoor space.

You can create some seriously impressive outdoor areas. A concrete driveway can boost your curb appeal and give you more parking space. Get as creative as you’d like and work with a skilled concrete contractor to make your dream project come to life.

Concrete allows you to combine function and beauty. Adding it to your property will enhance both its appearance and its usability. Here are some great ways to get the most out of using concrete on your property. 

Outdoor Living Space

Your yard is an extension of your home. An outdoor living space allows you to host friends and family comfortably in the great outdoors. Concrete is the perfect material to create any outdoor living space you could imagine. 

A concrete patio is an amazing backyard feature. It allows you the flexibility to create a dining space, sitting area, or even an outdoor kitchen. It’s the perfect way to make a space perfectly tailored to how you like to entertain. It also gives you access to limitless design choices. 

A concrete patio can be nearly any size or shape that you desire. You can go with a standard rectangular or rounded shape. Or you can get creative a choose a more organic, free-flowing border. Your individual style and the exterior of your home can help guide your design choices.

Take your concrete patio to the next level by having it stamped. This can create a huge variety of looks that emulate stone or cobblestone surfaces. You can even have wood planks stamped into your concrete for a deck-like look. Stamping not only makes your concrete beautiful, but it also adds texture, providing traction to prevent falls. 

Staining your concrete is another awesome option. You can opt for dark grey for a sleek, modern look. A terra-cotta color provides a warm, earthy feel. Concrete can even be stained in a pattern. Create a cool contrasting border or checkerboard pattern for a truly unique style. 

Had a Street View

Maybe your home has a small set of simple front steps. Perhaps you have a small stoop that doesn’t have the space for lounging. Adding or expanding a concrete surface at the front of your home allows for function and beauty.

A front porch just makes your home feel more welcoming. It gives you an additional space to style and extend your home’s decor. It’s a great place to add a pop of color or stylish accessories. 

Your new front porch can also be super functional. Maybe the back of your home faces west, making your backyard sweltering at the end of the day. Your front porch can be a cool retreat to enjoy an evening drink. Plus, it’s covered, meaning you can even enjoy it in the rain. 

A concrete front porch also gives you another vantage point. Relax as you watch your kiddos playing in the front yard with friends. Chat with neighbors as they pass by on the sidewalk. Your porch will add curb appeal, as well as another opportunity to take in the outside world. 
Plus, a front porch is a great investment. It adds an awesome amount of value to your home. In fact, a front porch project can earn you a staggering 84% average return on your investment should you choose to sell your home. Which with your new and improved outdoor view, will be unlikely.

Double Parking Surface

Concrete can create some seriously stunning driveways. They are also a smart choice over traditional asphalt. Your concrete driveway will be long-lasting, low maintenance, and durable. 

The same flexibility when it comes to installing concrete patios also applies to driveways. You can choose nearly any size or shape imaginable. Plus, you can have it stamped and stained to complement your home and drastically boost your curb appeal. 

Concrete driveways are also super durable, lasting three or four decades. They also don’t need to be sealed every year like their asphalt counterparts. When they get grimy or stained, a simple power washing can bring them back to life. 

Adding a new driver to your home? You can avoid parking on the street by adding a triangular driveway extension. This will give you added parking with a small footprint. 

Pebbled, or exposed aggregate, concrete is another great driveway option. This textured look is stunning and has a custom high-end appearance. Plus, it’s a safer option than smooth concrete. The texture makes the driveway less slippery for both cars and walking on, especially in wet or icy conditions.

Think Outside the Box

You can still add a lot to your property using concrete. You don’t even need a contractor or to take on a major project to add a fun concrete feature. There are some creative DIY tasks that can elevate your outdoor style with this timeless yet tending material.

Concrete is an awesome choice for an outdoor bar top. Simply use a shallow tray built to the size of your desire. Mix concrete per the directions and fill the container. You can even add bottle caps or bits of glass for a fun and unique look. Allow to cure and mount it to legs for a sturdy and stylish outdoor bar. 

Concrete stools are the perfect solution for firepit seating. Fill a five-gallon bucket with wet concrete mix. You can either fill it up all of the way and smooth the top for a drum-shaped stool. Or, fill it halfway and add precut stool legs as the concrete firms up. Then, turn the bucket over to release your new, industrial-style seating.

Concrete – The Ideal Material

Whichever way you choose to use concrete, it can add a ton of form and function to your property. It can make your backyard more usable and add curb appeal to the front of your home. It also allows you the ultimate creativity to express your style and taste. 

Concrete is low maintenance and super durable. Be as creative with your long-lasting project as you desire. You’ll enjoy the concrete addition to your property for years, even decades, to come.

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