3 types of inverter battery! Which one is installed in your home?

Different types of inverter batteries

A battery is a vital part of an inverter. The performance and life of an inverter largely depends on its battery. There are several types of inverter battery. Here are few of them:

  1. Lead Acid Batteries
  2. Maintenance Free batteries
  3. Tubular Batteries

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries are the most common inverter batteries. These are rechargeable in nature and produce large amount of current. They are light in weight and most economical. They usually last for 3-4 years. But they require regular maintenance. The electrolyte level check  and topping up has to be done regularly. They also release harmful gases during charging and discharging. So they must be installed at a well ventilated place in home.

Maintenance Free Batteries

Maintenance free batteries are the sealed lead acid batteries that do not require electrolyte level check and topping up. They are fit and forget type batteries are safer compared to normal lead acid batteries. But they are costly compared to normal lead acid batteries and have a shorter life.

Tubular Batteries

Tubular batteries are the most popular and efficient inverter batteries. They have a complex design, great efficiency, longer operational life (8+ years) and low maintenance. Because of so many advantages they are costly.

You have to be careful about the local batteries that are available in the market. People usually go for branded inverter set and local batteries. But its not a good combo. Local batteries should not be used. They have many down sides like poor efficiency, low safety, poor operational life and high maintenance. Do not kill your inverters by using these local and less efficient types of inverter battery.

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    Amazing analysis on the types of inverter battery. For me, I think tubular is the best choice for most people.
    Glad that it will help users like me to select the best inverter battery.
    Thanks for the well informative content !!

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    Thanks for explaining the 3 types of inverter batteries. I believe that Tabular batteries are best in today’s age as they have the most updated technology.

    Your list of recommended products is also good. I believe that luminous is one of the best inverter battery brands in India.

    Thanks for the well explained informative article, Divya! :)

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    Very good information provided, but if you can explain it further like which inverter battery is best for home and office use then it will be really helpful.

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    I have disconnected inverter batteries for 2 months due to renovation in the house.
    Now Battery is not charging?

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    for an average 10 kv how many inverters are required? does it run fridge, motor and iron on the same time when fan and led bulbs and tv are on?

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