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Inverters are extremely useful devices that help power our homes and appliances in case of power failures. We all know that they run on lead acid batteries. These batteries are essential to the working of inverters and hence very useful for our power needs. However lead acid batteries die earlier than expected in most cases. If you too are troubled by this issue, then you must know the various reasons behind it.  This article will help you understand why through points which are described as follows:

1. Quality of the batteries

One of the top reasons why lead acid batteries die earlier than expected is because of the battery’s quality.  A better quality one might last for a longer span of time than a cheaper one.  This is mainly because of the material which is used inside. Higher quality batteries have much more refined components which make them go on for a longer time. Therefore make it a point to go for a higher quality one even if it costs more.

higher quality battery

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2. Usage of the batteries

The way the battery is used also determines the time period for which it will last.

  • Lead acid batteries usually have hundreds of charge and discharge cycles.
  • But when they are used more often, they tend to die earlier than expected.
  • If however you do not use them that much, then they will go on for an extended time period.
  • Thus lower down the inverter or battery usage as much as possible to get maximum life out of them.

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3. Overcharging battery

Another common reason why lead acid batteries die earlier than expected is due to overcharging.

  • Overcharging of batteries can prove fatal for their time span as this process can lead to corrosion of the battery plates and thus premature expiry.
  • The indication of battery fully charged battery is it getting hot.
  • Thus avoid overcharging the battery to avoid it from dying earlier than expected.
inverter charging

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4. Quality of the charger

Another reason why your lead acid batteries die earlier than expected is low quality charger used.

  • Basically there are several types of chargers used and they are stage 2 chargers, stage 3 chargers etc.
  • If the charger is not of good quality, then it can lead to battery running out faster than it should.
  • It is advisable to always use good quality chargers as well as UPS to extend the battery life as much as possible.

5. Poor maintenance

  • Most SLA batteries do not require any maintenance but some flooded lead batteries may require you to maintain them on a regular basis.
  • Some ways to maintain your battery in order to squeeze out maximum life is to top the cells up with distilled water and keeping them clean always etc.
  • If not maintained, the batteries may lose water and may not work properly.  If dried, there is no way to reverse the fact that the batteries are dead.
battery maintenance

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Now that you know some common reasons why lead acid batteries die earlier than expected, you must take all steps you can to extend their battery life.  If you too are facing this issue but are not able to find the solution or for any inverter battery backup problem, you can contact Mr Right solutions.


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