8 Bedroom Themes for Adults

According to an estimate, we spend about a third of our lives in our bedrooms; therefore, it has to be designed and decorated with some effort. The appearance of the bedroom has a dramatic effect on our mood, so it should be like a soothing sanctuary where we can relax and destress after a long day. 

The issue is that most homeowners don’t know too much about interior design and hiring an interior designer can be quite expensive. However, you don’t need to worry; we have put together a list of decor themes that are perfect for an adult bedroom. Keep reading this post to ace your bedroom renovation.

Modern themed bedroom

The contemporary design theme values simplicity and minimalism. It is a trendy choice among homeowners, and it is perfect for an adult bedroom. To achieve this theme, you need to set an open floor plan, with minimal and sleek furniture. The material of the furniture does not matter as long as it is sleek and elegant. 

The colour pallet is usually made up of pastels with low saturation, and shocking colours are avoided. For a bedroom, neutral pastels like lilac grey, and eggshell are quite common; however, any colour will look great if the room is furnished accordingly. 

Overall, you should avoid curves, and have low, horizontal furniture with a clean and ordered look. Large, unadorned windows are also a common feature of modern design. 

Industrial themed bedroom

If you want the classic New York loft theme in your bedroom, you need to opt for industrial design. Metallic furniture pieces and exposed brick walls are a staple of this design theme, while the colour of the walls is usually white. Metallic colours like bronze, silver, and especially grey are also quite prominent in industrial themed bedrooms. 

Large windows that let in a healthy amount of light are another defining feature of industrial design. As far as furnishing is concerned, the industrial theme also supports a minimalistic approach. However, metal is preferred as a furniture material over wood. 

Add some artwork, and open shelves to the room to complete the look. 

Scandinavian themed bedroom

It is no secret that Scandinavian design is a favourite of many homeowners. It gives the room a very relaxing and functional appearance, and it is one of the best themes for an adult bedroom. 

Wooden floors with a clean and uncluttered look are the defining features of this theme. The colour pallet is mostly light and muted to keep the interiors bright. Typically, most Scandinavian themed rooms will be painted white. Simple colours are used to accent the white

When it comes to furniture, light wood is the most preferred material, and design of the furniture is minimalistic, without any decorative work. The Scandinavian theme has given a tremendous amount of importance to natural light; this means creating large windows, with minimal window fixtures.

Luxury themed bedroom

The luxury bedroom theme has been around for a long while, and as the name suggests, you will need some budget to pull it off. Unlike the previously mentioned themes, minimalism is not a required factor for luxury design; in fact, elegant materials and textures are the most defining features of luxury design. 

The colour pallet is quite open, and you can go for both vibrant and soft colours; however, the addition of expensive and premium textures like velvet and silk is a must. 

For the bed, you need to stick with Egyptian cotton with a high thread count. Also, add decorative pillows made from luxury materials to your bed. It would be best if you used a high-quality mattress for the luxury look and adding a mattress protector to the bed can also make it more reliable and luxurious. The floors are usually made from marble, or tile, and soft and elegant rugs are also a common feature of this design. 

Vintage themed bedroom

The vintage decor theme is charmingly old-fashioned, with a casual yet romantic look. If you want to implement a vintage design in your home, you need to use materials, furnishing, and textures that were common in the early to mid-1900s. 

It means the addition of large, bulky beds with vintage fabrics is an acceptable decor choice. The furniture is usually quite decorative as well, with engraved designs and cushioned seats.  

The colour pallet is also quite versatile, and both vibrant and mild colours are acceptable depending upon the design era you prefer. Overall, the vintage theme will give your bedroom a nostalgic, elegant and soothing appearance. 

Country themed bedroom

The country theme draws more inspiration from English countryside homes, rather than the American West. It favours soft colours, with delicate floral touches. 

Greenery is an essential part of a country theme, therefore remember to add some indoor plants to the design. You will mostly see exposed wood floors and simple wooden furniture in this design. Metallic furniture is quite rare and almost non-existent in country-themed homes. 

Like any countryside home, natural lighting is a common feature of this theme; however, instead of unadorned windows, light curtains and blinds are used. 

Floral themed bedroom

Effortlessly romantic and charming are two words that sum up this elegant theme of interior design. Though floral themes are viewed as more of a summer or spring theme, it is quite common in colder months as well.

As the name suggests, the colour palette of this theme is quite vibrant, and floral prints on the bedsheets and pillows are a must-have feature of this theme. 

Bohemian themed bedroom

Bohemian style is quite common these days as well. The word bohemian refers to a person who does not comply with conventional social standards. Therefore, there aren’t that many strict rules that you have to follow in bohemian design. 

However, a bright and patterned look is a hallmark of the bohemian theme. You can mix designs from different eras along as they don’t clutter the place and keep it looking elegant. 

The furniture is usually quite low, and it is adorned with various patterns. 

To sum it all up, the bedroom is one of the essential parts of your home, and it must be decorated accordingly. In this post, we have mentioned some of the most common decor themes that you can apply in your bedroom; we hope you find them informative and helpful.

Author Bio

This article is written by Anthony. He believes words have the power to influence people and disseminate knowledge artistically. Even though, he writes for no particular niche, his passion for blogging has driven him to take up writing in his leisure time to accompany his studies. 

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