Effective and natural ways to kill weeds

removing weeds naturally
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Weeds can prove to be really annoying since they can harm your garden or landscape. Not only do they hamper with your hardwork but can also make the garden look old and unkempt. This is why it is important to get rid of them and that too without using any insecticides or other harmful chemical laden products. The best idea is to go natural. The following are some of the best natural ways to kill weeds and keep them from returning.

1. Using your hand is one of the natural ways to kill weeds

Pulling weeds by hand is an old fashioned yet still very effective natural way to kill weeds.  However remember to wear gardening gloves before you start with the process to avoid transferring seeds somewhere else.  Make sure you pluck the weed out from its root.

remove weeds by hand

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2. Use cornmeal to get rid of weeds

Another fabulous all natural way to kill weeds is to make use of cornmeal. Corn gluten meal basically acts like a birth control for the seeds. All you need to do is to sprinkle the cornmeal in your garden. It will prevent the seeds from growing into plants. However don’t use this method in your kitchen garden.

3. Mulch is a natural way to kill weeds

Even mulch can help you get rid of weeds. What you can do is that you can cover the entire planting area with this as this helps prevent the weed seeds from coming in touch with soil. Even if some seeds have gone underground, mulch will prevent providing them with sunlight. Mulch offers several other benefits too such as enriching your soil and making the space look beautiful.

using mulch on weeds

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4. Vinegar is yet another way to get rid of weeds

You can also make use of a spray bottle to apply vinegar on weeds.  Besides a bottle, you can also use a brush for the application.  But remember not to apply vinegar on other plants since it is unable to differentiate between other plants and weeds. Use it when there is little or no wind for the best results. Also it is better to use this method on a day with a lot of sunlight as vinegar gets activated in sun.

5. Use boiling water

Another method that you can try to get rid of the pesky weeds is using boiling water.  For this all you need to do is to pour some hot boiling water on the weeds. Make sure you do this carefully and drop the water only on the crown of the weeds.  You may need to repeat the process a few times to completely kill them.

These were the top 5 natural ways to kill weeds. However there are many others that you can follow. Weeds are unwanted plants that must be dealt with on the right time to avoid making your garden look overgrown and dirty.

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