DSLR not taking pictures: causes and solutions

DSLR not taking pictures
Image Credits: techfruit.com

DSLR is a useful device which helps you take pictures and even record videos. But what if the primary function of the camera is not being fulfilled and it is unable to take pictures? Well it becomes pretty useless, doesn’t it? If you too are facing the problem of DSLR not taking pictures then there are a couple of things that could be causing this. The problem doesn’t always need a repair or replacement solution since wrong settings could also be responsible for this. Thus before you take your camera for repair, you must give it a check yourself and understand the cause behind the issue. The following are some of the common causes as well as solutions to the problem of DSLR not taking pictures:

1. Wrong focussing mode

CAUSE: Sometimes the DSLR may not be able to take pictures because it is unable to focus properly.  It may be trying to get a focus lock but only in vain.  This means that it does not release the shutter button to click a shot. What happens is that when you are shooting in live view then the camera uses different focusing methods but you can try changing these to get it to click photos.

SOLUTION:If this is the case then you first need to press the MENU button and then select the Camera tab. After this, choose the AF mode and then Quick mode.  This will make your camera use the AF sensor to focus instead of the LCD.

AF mode in DSLR
Image Credits: YouTube.com

2. Change from focus priority to release priority

CAUSE: Another reason why your camera won’t be permitting you to click pictures is because of the ‘Focus priority’ mode on which it may be set.

SOLUTION: If you have an option of Release Priority, then try changing it from the earlier setting to this one and try clicking again.  The camera doesn’t work sometimes on Focus priority because it doesn’t click until it thinks it focusing properly.

release priority DSLR
Image Credits: YouTube.com

3. Reset the settings

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CAUSE: Sometimes resetting all the settings on your DSLR could also help you solve the problem of DSLR not taking pictures.

SOLUTION: To reach the Reset button, all you need to do is to click on shooting menu and then go to Setup Menu.  After doing so, try clicking the picture again and see if this made any difference. If not, then you may be facing some other issue with your DSLR and can refer to the following for the same.

reset settings DSLR
Image Credits: YouTube.com

4. Use the Automatic setting to click pictures

CAUSE: Sometimes the problem can be caused if the camera is on Manual or some mode other than automatic.

SOLUTION: If you are using a manual setting or any other which is not completely automatic, then you can move your dial to Auto and then try clicking pictures again. Sometimes when the light or other conditions are not right, then the camera fails to click pictures. However in this case, you can easily shoot on the auto mode.

camera dial auto
Image Credits: Pixabay

DSLRs are easy to use devices which may sometimes face certain complications, most of which can be resolved on your own. But in some cases, you may need professional help. To contact a professional to help you with your camera or any other appliance, you can contact Mr Right services for appliances repair and services.

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