Different types of safe heaters for baby’s room

oil heaters
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If you are someone who is considering buying a heater for your baby’s room then you must remember that the heater that works in your room, living room or office may not necessarily be good for your baby’s room as well.  There are several varieties of heaters available in the market such as convection heaters, oil heaters and Micathermic ones but each has its pros and cons when it comes to installing in baby’s room. A baby’s room heater should be such that it doesn’t bring any harm to the baby in any way and finding one can be difficult. Thus for your reference, we have listed the different types of safe heaters for baby’s room and they are given as follows.

Oil heaters are safe heaters for baby’s room

When it comes to choosing a heater for your baby’s room then an oil heater proves to be your best choice. Oil heaters are the types of heaters are safer than other varieties like coil heaters and electric fan heaters for babies.  Given below are some reasons for the same:

  • The surface of oil heaters doesn’t heat up as much as other types.  Thus even if the baby touches the heater, he will experience no harm and would not get burned.
  • Another benefit of using oil heaters for baby’s room is that they can be programmed to get switched off if they get unbalanced or are knocked over. Thus if babies touch them accidently, they won’t fall off.
oil heater

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  • Oil heaters can be used for longer periods of time without causing any danger. They don’t suck up the moisture and air from the room unlike electric or coil heaters.
  • Moreover they have the ability to keep the room warm for longer periods of time even when switched off.
  • It is true that oil heaters are slightly more expensive than other varieties but they also offer more benefits. They are a better option than most others.
  • Unlike coil heaters or electric fan hearers, oil heaters have thermostats which help you manage and maintain temperatures. The thermostats can be managed as per your needs and temperature requirements.
  • Also because of this reason, they do not heat up room too much or leave it stuffy.
  • Since they do not suck up the moisture in the room, they are better for your baby’s skin and health. Those heaters which pull out oxygen and moisture are bad for the breathing of children and babies.
  • They also lead to itchiness, dryness and discomfort.  Coil heaters can pose a risk of fire as they become too hot but this is not the case with oil heaters.

Best heaters for baby rooms

The following are some of the best heaters for babies:

  1. Honeywell Deluxe Energy smart cool touch heater-This is one of the safest heater options for both babies and pets. It comes with tip over off switch and has the cool touch technology.  With it around, you wont need to worry about your baby getting suffocated or burnt.
honeywell heater

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  1. Dr. Infrared heater portable space heater with humidifier-This is yet another fabulous heater option for babies and kids. It heats up rooms quickly, is quite cost effective and combines PTC and quartz infrared element.  Also, its fan doesn’t make noise which too adds to its list of features.

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Now that you know the safe heaters for baby’s room, you know which variety to buy. Oil heaters are available in many types, models and within various price brackets. You can compare the different ones and then take a decision on which to buy.  Incase you need help with heater installation or in the situation of room heater or blower not working; you can contact Mr Right to call professionals at home.

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