9 smart tricks to stay warm at home in winters without electric heaters

Its freezing outside and you wish your home could be warmer and cozier. Using room heaters and blowers for longer duration is a costly affair that leaves you with heavy electricity bills. Also prolong exposure to heaters is not good for health. Electric room heaters tend to dry out the air in the house, and this can have several adverse effects on health like dry skin and itchy eyes. To avoid these issues you can use some other tricks to stay warm at home in winters without electric heaters.

So cut down the use of electric heaters and try some old and traditional ways to make your home warm and comfy during the chilly winter months.

Keep the windows closed and let the cold air stay outside

closed windows

Close your windows air tight. Open them during the day if the outside temperature is higher than the inside temperature. Adorn windows with heavy curtains during winter months. Heavy curtains can block cold air from entering the room. Open them when it is sunny outside.

Close unused rooms 

locked doors

The closed door create another barrier between you and the frigid outdoors. It also stops cold air from circulating as much, which reduces heat loss. This means that closed doors not only prevent cold air from entering in your room  but also stop the heat inside the room to escape outside.

Add some layers to your floor


Rugs and carpets not only add style and color to your home but also offer a warmer surface to walk and sit on. They prevent heat loss through floor. Rugs and carpets absorb heat and are always warmer to touch than bare floor.

Adorn a warm layer on your bed and couch


Swap your cotton or silk bed sheets with a light and warm blanket. This is a simple but tremendously effective way to keeping warm during winters. Spread a warm blanket or a nice soft throw on your couch.

Our Pick

Fetch your old hot water bag

Hot water bag

Hot water bags are great and simple way to stay warm in winters. Fill a hot water bag with hot water and keep it inside your blanket or comforter.  It’s great for warming hands and lap while sitting and sleeping. It is an inexpensive way trap warmth.

Dress appropriately for winter


Dress in layers for winter especially with wool. Wear warm socks and gloves. When you are sitting still, wrap a thick pure wool blanket around you. Wear thermal shirt under your sweater. It will add a great amount of warmth and feels comfortable light.

Turn on the incandescent light


Incandescent bulbs can be a great source of heat during winter. They release a large amount of energy as heat which can be very helpful  in warming your body. Replace some of your LEDs and CFLs with such bulbs this winter and enjoy the heat from bulb.

Add warmth with candles and lanterns

Light a candle or a lantern in your room. They are inexpensive heaters to produce warmth in room. They are not as effective as electric heaters but will create some amount of warmth very cheaply. Just be careful of where they are placed and do not leave them unattended.

Drink warm beverages

warm fluids

Winter is the best time to enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee. Sip hot and healthy soups or enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. This will keep your body temperature warmer. Drinking warm beverages in winters is very relaxing and comforting.

These simple tricks are inexpensive ways to stay warm at home in winters without electric heaters. This way you can be warm and comfortable in your home without worrying about the sky high electricity bills.

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