Room heater not blowing hot air: causes and solutions

room heater not blowing hot air
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Room heaters prove to be extremely useful devices during the winter months as they keep us warm and cozy. These appliances usually work smoothly throughout the cold season and may not show any problems if kept well maintained. However every once in a while you may notice some or the other problem cropping up and one of them is heater not blowing hot air. Well there could be many reasons for the same and some of them have been given as follows along with the appropriate solutions:

1. Blown circuit or resistor

CAUSE: The most common cause of heater not blowing hot air could be a blown circuit or resistor.

SOLUTION: For this you may have to open the case and start testing the circuit by making use of a voltage regulator.  See if there are any breaks in the electrical path. You must be aware of the fact that the voltages will change between the circuits which are divided by resistors.  If the circuit is broken, you can either replace it yourself or have a professional do the job for you.

blown circuit room heater
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2. Broken heater coil

heater coil
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CAUSE: Another common reason for room heater not blowing hot air is broken heater coil.

SOLUTION: Check if there are any breaks in the line after opening up the case.  The wires together work as a complete circuit and in case any of them snaps from the constant heating and then cooling then the circuit may get broken and may stop giving off heat. If the heater coil is infact broken then in that case you can take a soldering gun to heat up the contacts and remove it.  You can then replace them with suitable parts which must meet voltage standards.

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3. Check the thermostat

CAUSE: Another cause for room heater not blowing hot air could be an issue with the thermostat. It may either not be set up at the right temperature or could be faulty.

SOLUTION: So check the setting at which the thermostat is fixed. If it is at a colder setting, then make sure you turn it and set it correctly. However also check whether it is moving properly because in some cases it becomes free and thus faulty. Replace it in case it is not working properly.

room heater thermostat
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4. Dirty air filter

CAUSE: Sometimes due to constant usage, the air filters of centralised room heaters become dirty and this may lead to the heater not blowing hot air.

SOLUTION: If this is the case then you will need to clean the filters so that the heating can be proper again. For this, first clean the surface of the heater and remove loose dust with a microfiber cloth. Make sure the heater is turned off at this point. After that unscrew the heater’s cover spray the interior compartment with an air duster.  Use a damp sponge for further cleaning. If the need be, replace the filters and check if the heating has become better.

cleaning room heater air filter
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Now that you know the common reasons and their solutions for room heater not blowing hot air, you can solve the issue at home. But if you are unable to do so, then you can contact a professional by reaching out to Mr Right for room heater or blower not working.

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