7 important guidelines for air conditioner maintenance

Taking care of Air Conditioner

Regular air conditioner maintenance and service of parts like filters, coils, fins, drains etc. is very important for the effective operation of the AC unit. Negligence in the service and clean up of AC results in reduced cooling capacity  and damage to unit.

Here are seven very important air conditioner maintenance guidelines:

Regular maintenance & clean up of air filters

Dirty and clogged air filters obstruct the normal air flow and reduce the cooling capacity of the AC system significantly. When the filter is very dirty, the air flowing inside bypasses the filter and carries dirt directly to the evaporator coil, thus soiling the cooling coils. Air filter cleaning must be done at least once a month. Regular cleaning of air filters results in proper cooling. Air filter cleaning becomes very important if there are fur bearing pets inside home.

Cleaning of Evaporator coils

A clean air filter prevents the cooling coils from dust and dirt. But even then some dirt and debris gets deposited on the coils with time. This deposition and covering reduces the heat absorbing capacity of the coils, thus effecting the room cooling process. A yearly service and evaporator coil cleaning  is very necessary.

Maintenance of condenser coil

The condenser and fan unit is located outside the home (in all types of AC). The outside dusty environment, falling leaves, rain and wind etc. soils the condenser coils. The dust and debris make it extremely difficult for the hot air and heat to dissipate outside. This poor heat dissipation results in the heating of condenser and compressor (compressor is situated near the condenser coil).Thus a yearly cleaning of condenser coil is very important for the condenser to work efficiently.

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Cleaning Coil Fins

One can easily see the aluminium fins on the condensers and evaporator coils. The dust and debris gets accumulated over the fins. The coil fins should be regularly cleaned to protect the evaporator and condenser.

Unclog the rear drain

If the drain at the rear end is blocked, then water that gets collected inside the AC finds no space to leave and drips inside the room from any opening. When the water inside the AC unit finds no vent, the humidity level inside the room also increases.

Cover up the compressor unit during winters

During winter season when your AC is not in use, cover up the compressor unit (as it is placed outside) with a cloth to prevent dust and dirt entering inside the unit.

Do not miss an AC service

Before the onset of summer season always call an ac service professional for a complete clean up and service of your air conditioner.

Whenever you call an ac service professionals, make sure that he checks up all the AC parts like coils, compressor, fins, filters, drains etc. and performs the necessary service.

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    As a small business owner, I found this blog particularly interesting. I do agree that there are great benefits to having your AC units maintained. Hot AC-less downtime is bad for business. I certainly learned that the hard way. I highly recommend https://www.palmairac.com/

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    I really liked you having mentioned how necessary it is to clean your air filter regularly and repair it. Every few months, my husband cleans our air filter to ensure the air entering our house is safe. As you said, the air filters easily get dirty, which can make the air conditioning unit work harder than it needs. Only keeping it clean will save many potential problems. Also, if you are interested in an air airconditioning specialist, you might want to check this link.

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    I welcome that you referenced that you ought to consistently call a cooling specialist to perform support before the beginning of summer. I believe that that would help ensure that your cooling would work when it truly required as well and that you could be progressively happy with throughout the late spring. I imagine that would likewise help ensure that you could get any issues right off the bat and get them fixed so it would presumably set aside you cash over the long haul also.

  7. 7

    It’s good to know that over time the condenser will build up dust and debris that makes the unit less effective over time, so it should be maintained regularly. We noticed that our air conditioner didn’t seem to do as much this year as it did last year. Maybe before we start using it again next year we should look into having a professional tune it up so it can stay in good condition and do its best.

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    You made a great point about making sure to cover up the compressor unit during the winter season. My air conditioner has problems had problems running recently. I will be sure to get a professional to check out my AC and do repairs.

  10. 10

    This is some really good information about air conditioning care. It is good to know that it would be smart to cover your compressure in the wintertime. That is good for me to know as a new homeowner.

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    I appreciate that you mentioned that you should always call an air conditioning technician to perform maintenance before the onset of summer. I think that that would help make sure that your air conditioning would work when it really needed too and that you could be more comfortable during the summer. I think that would also help make sure that you could catch any problems early on and get them fixed so it would probably save you money in the long run as well.

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    We liked what you stated about having the evaporator coils cleaned every year. Our air conditioning unit has been making noises since it was turned on. We will reach out to a professional in our area to get it repaired.

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    I had bad experience with local engineer who used to handle my Air conditioner. So I decided to take things my hand and looked on internet for some relevant information on AC maintainence. And finally got your post article. I followed and it helped me. Thanks.

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    As I was reading your article, you state that having a yearly cleaning of the evaporator coils is necessary to keep your air conditioning running. My air conditioning unit has been making some weird noises since we turned it on. I’m going to reach out to a professional in my area to get my air conditioner repaired.

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    What an article This is a very informative post. I have been searching for this information for a few days and I found this information on your blog. Your blog is very informative. Continue posting administration and sharing like this.

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    My favorite part of the article is the fact that it mentions maintenance of various parts, some of which include the air filters, the rear drain, and the coil fins, to name a few. These are just a few of the important parts of an air conditioning unit–if one of them were to break, then the unit itself wouldn’t work and refuse to operate. While I’m not an air conditioning repairman, I would agree with a point that the article made not to miss a single air conditioning service visit. The parts within the unit are important and sensitive to sudden changes, and should therefore be left in the hands of the professional repairmen.

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    Yes, you are absolutely right. It is very important to clean Air Ducts as it causes harmful diseases to the people especially kids. Air Conditioning should be cleaned after regular interval.

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    Thanks for guidance.
    After taking all above instructions, the whole closed unit should be sponged with luke water accordingly.

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    Implementing these guidelines will definitely improve the quality of air conditioning and increase the lifespan of HVAC system. Thanks for sharing the info!

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