Security camera image flickering: causes and solutions

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A security camera is one of the most useful devices these days as it helps to monitor activity around and inside houses and commercial spaces. These cameras help detect anything unauthorised and can also deter and prevent various types of criminal activities. Security cameras can directly provide live feed on television sets, computer and even mobile phones. You can use Vivint doorbell Camera to keep an eye on your front door for anything unknown. However sometimes the live feed may flicker and this may prevent us from seeing the coverage properly. If you are experiencing something like this then it is important to know the reason and then solve the problem. The following are some of the causes and solutions for security camera image flickering:

1. Is the video input to the monitor a loop through?

CAUSE: The first thing that you will need to check is whether the video input to the monitor a loop through with a video output to drive for example video tape recorder.

SOLUTION: Assume that the video output is present, then check whether it is terminated with a 75 ohm load.  You might be overdriving that video circuits of the monitor with a lot of signal and the flickering may be caused due to the monitor’s AGC circuits.

If you are looking for a new Monitor we have some suggestions:-

  1. Cocar Security Surveillance Monitor Built-in Speaker 19 inches 
  2. TOGUARD 10.1″ Inch Ultrathin Color Security CCTV Monitor 
  3. Cocar Security Surveillance Monitor Built-in Speaker 15 inches 
  4. 101AV Security 18.5 inches Security Monitor Build in Speaker 
  5. SVD 18.5-inch Ultrathin Professional Security Monitor 
  6. Eyoyo 12 inch HD 1920×1080 IPS LCD HDMI Monitor Screen 
security camera image flickering

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2. Disconnect the video input to the monitor

CAUSE: Another thing that you need to check is whether the image still flickers on disconnecting the video input to the monitor.  If the flickering is still observed then the problem may be because of the monitor.

SOLUTION: In this case, you can try changing the monitor and then checking the issue.

cctv camera

3. Try disconnecting the coax at the camera output

CAUSE: Another thing you can do to find out the cause of the security camera image flickering is to disconnect the coax at the camera output. Check if the flickering still continues.

SOLUTION: If yes, then check the electrical outlet of the monitor.  This is because of the fact that the outlet may have an ungrounded neutral and as a result, your cable and the monitor may not be grounded. This leads to compromising of the shield ground and you picking up stray radiation.

If you want to change your wiring, we have some recommendations for you:-

  1. VIVO Gray 1,000ft Bulk Cat5e 
  2. SolidLink CAT5e 1000ft Premium UTP Ethernet Cable 
  3. Five Star Cable Cat5 1000 Ft Ethernet Cable Wire 
  4. Dripstone 600001 1000ft CAT5e 4/UTP Ethernet LAN Cable 
disconnect coax

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4. Check the weather

CAUSE: Another cause for security camera image flickering could be bad weather and hence bad reception. If the image on the monitor is flickering, then check whether the weather is clear or not. If not, then this could be a possible reason for the flickering.

SOLUTION: Wait for the weather to become normal again and then check the image again.

Here are some Weather Proof CCTV cameras you can find online:-

  1. AVUE AV50HTG-2812 1080P HD TVI Turret Dome Camera 
  2. Swann Home Security Dome Camera Weatherproof with Heat/Motion Sensor/Night Vision 
  3. Reolink Wired Outdoor Cameras, 5MP 16-Channel NVR with 3TB HDD for Home and Business 
  4. ICAMI Dome IP Camera Wireless Home Surveuillance System Audio with Motion Detect 
  5. INQMEGA PTZ Camera Outdoor Surveillance Camera with Two Way Audio 

Try unplugging the camera

Now the next thing to do is to unplug the camera and see if the flickering goes. What happens is that an ungrounded neutral is an indication of the fact that the camera grounds are not shielding properly.

Now that you know the various reasons for security camera image flickering, you can either solve the problem on your own or contact a professional to help you. If you are facing troubles with your security camera or CCTV camera, then you can reach out to Mr Right services for all solutions. Contact them for CCTV camera repair and service.

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