3 Ways To Decorate An Apartment Dog-Friendly

How to decorate a dog-friendly apartment

When looking for an apartment there are so many things to take into consideration. How much are you looking to spend? Where area are you looking in? Is there are parking space included? But probably the most important question you will be asking is does this apartment allow dogs? When your pup is a part of your family you need to find a home that accommodates you both. 

Once you have tracked down a dog-friendly apartment in Chicago comes the next round of important questions. Namely, how can I keep my apartment looking nice and protect it from any damage my dog may do?

Protect the Floor

Scratches from fingernails, accidents, of course, Rover doesn’t mean to cause any damage to the floor of your new apartment but sometimes he just can’t help himself.  Luckily for you, there are a lot of ways to protect your rented flooring to keep it looking great. 

If your puppy is prone to a potty accident here or there, and let’s face it, what puppy isn’t? Then aside from investing a great carpet cleaner you can consider utilizing large area rugs throughout your apartment. This not only offers protection to the flooring but it can be a stylish way to bring your own personality into the apartment. 

Whether you want a classic Oriental style rug or want to choose something a little more modern, area rugs can break up the space of your apartment and will make your new space feel more like home. Once you have established your design aesthetic you can figure out what kind of rug is going to make the most sense. 

Is your furniture mostly brown? Then add some pops of color with the rug! Rugs can make a room feel completely different and will protect the floor to boot. There are great looking options to be found in indoor/outdoor rugs which are perfect for homes with dogs because they are designed to withstand extra wear and tear and can be cleaned easily. 

Not only does a rug protect the floor of your apartment but they can also help you break up the space to define an area. When you use two smaller rugs and arrange the furniture around them well you can create mini-spaces (like a living area and an office area) that will help your apartment stand out and go beyond the standard beige apartment carpeting everyone has.


How to decorate a dog-friendly apartment

If your dog has a tendency to jump up on the walls you may be concerned about how you can keep them from getting damaged. Many apartments use bland colored paint because it’s easy for them and it goes with anything. If you want an extra layer of protection for your walls and some extra visual interest, consider if removable wallpaper is the right choice for you. 

Available in many different colors, styles, and textures removable wallpaper is easy to replace if your pup scratches through it or whenever you get a whim to change it up. The best news is that the wallpaper removes without damaging the walls so you will be able to get your damage deposit back! 

Once your walls are dolled up with the wallpaper of your choice you can think about what you want to put on them. It is a great idea to use your walls for storage space since they are out of reach of most dogs. Their excited wagging tail may knock a vase off a coffee table but when mounted properly they won’t be able to get to your floating shelves! 

Keeping the bottom three feet of space empty doesn’t mean you have to have a boring apartment. Expressing yourself with artwork art, plants that hang and other pieces of decor will make your new space truly yours. You can also place your furniture strategically to aid in the protection of your walls from any potential damage. 

Camouflage the Stuff

Remember that just because you’re trying to make your apartment pet-friendly doesn’t mean you’re creating a space built completely for them. When your guests come for a visit you want them to comment on how nice your new apartment is not how nice Wrigley the dog’s apartment looks so be sure you spend some time focusing on your tastes. 

One way to do this well is to avoid the clutter! Having stuff everywhere can make an apartment seem smaller than it is and can really make a home seem to agitate so finding space for everything can bring peace and calmness. Obviously, though dogs come with stuff and you will need to find interesting ways to have it blend into your decor. 

If you hang some hooks near your entry you can keep your dog’s leashes neat and organized. As well as any cold-weather or rain gear your dog may have. When you buy storage options that coordinate with the design of your apartment it won’t be glaringly obvious you have a dog living with you. 

There are many options for dog crates and beds on the market that look like furniture and many you can create yourself. Whether you want a dog crate that doubles as an end table or a murphy dog bed that disappears when not in use there are many ways to keep your apartment looking great and keep it dog-friendly. 

Consider decorative baskets for the toys, you can keep them in plain sight so your dog knows exactly where the squeaky caterpillar is at all times but you don’t worry about tripping over it every morning. Keeping your dog’s toys and accessories in one central location will not only make it easier to be found when you need it but it can anchor a room and blend in easily. 

Are all your kitchen gadgets red? Then you can buy dog bowls and food storage containers in a similar shade so they will just be another part of the room that happens to match your toaster. Your dog is your family and they should feel at home in your apartment in a way that suits you both. 


As you get ready to search for a new apartment for you and Fido it is a great idea to keep in mind how you may want that space to look once it’s yours. If you can envision your life fitting in well in the areas you’re looking for, if it just feels like home, then you can be certain you and your dog will have a great place to live and it will look great to boot. 

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    In designing a dog-friendly apartment, prioritize durability, safety, and comfort. Opt for pet-friendly materials like stain-resistant fabrics protection dog for sale and durable flooring. Incorporate designated pet areas with cozy beds and storage solutions for toys and supplies. Balance functionality with aesthetics to create a welcoming space for both you and your furry friend.

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    Are you looking to create a dog-friendly atmosphere in your apartment? Look no further! Here are three paw-some ways to decorate your space while keeping your furry friend in mind. And guess what? My adorable companion and I are all set, sporting a service animal vest from Service Dog Vest at Myserviceanimal.

    Pet-Friendly Fabrics: Opt for durable and stain-resistant fabrics for your furniture and rugs. Consider materials like microfiber or leather, which are easy to clean and can withstand playful paw prints.

    Stylish Storage Solutions: Keep your pup’s toys and accessories organized with chic storage solutions. Use decorative baskets or bins that blend seamlessly with your apartment’s decor, making it easy to access and tidy up their belongings.

    Doggy Designated Areas: Create designated spaces for your dog’s needs. Set up a cozy corner with a comfortable bed and blankets where they can relax. Incorporate a feeding station that complements your style while providing convenience.

    With these dog-friendly decorating tips and our service animal vest, we’re ready to make our apartment a haven for both humans and canines alike. Get ready for a space that’s functional, stylish, and wag-tastic! 🐾🏠

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    Tidying up furniture can make an apartment more organized and spacious than it actually is and can actually make a home feel airy, so finding space for everything can bring peace. quiet and quiet. You’ll need to find fun ways to make it blend in with your decor.

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