Best storage ideas for small kitchens

storage solutions for small kitchens
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Kitchen is one place in the house which requires a lot of storage space to store electronic appliances, and food items etc. If you are someone who has a small kitchen and thus less storage options, then you have come to the right page. Storage can be a major problem with small sized kitchens but there are many smart tips and tricks that can help you expand the available space and make way for storing more items. The following are some of the best storage ideas for small kitchens.

1.Use a rolling cart

One of the best storage ideas for small kitchens is rolling things you don’t need out of the kitchen on a rolling cart. Use the cart to remove items which are currently not needed such as blenders, juicers etc. You can then place the cart in the store or anywhere else in the house and bring it back in when those items are needed. This will remove unnecessary items from the kitchen and thus make more space for you.

2. Make full use of the wall space

Another idea to improve storage space in the kitchen is to make full use of the wall space available. You can add more shelves or cabinets but make sure that you don’t make the space look cluttered.  You must also try and maintain the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. Use the nicer looking and more often used items to be placed on the shelves as they will be directly visible to others.

3. Make use of the floor space

You can make use of the floor space and bring in high tables so as to add more storage space.  This area can be used to place the microwave or any other electronic appliance that you use regularly. This will help to free up some countertop space and make the kitchen look a little clutter free. Infact you can also install temporary countertops in the kitchen and place stools under it to add more functionality and storage to your kitchen.

use the floor space

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4. Utilise the space inside cabinets

Another thing you must do to increase storage inside your small sized kitchen is make full use of the space being wasted inside your cabinets. There is a lot of space which is not fully utilised inside cabinets. To utilise it, consider sliding shelves or strategic shelving which will give you more space to place items. Get cabinet organizers to compartmentalize your cabinets further and hence add more items to the existing space.

5. Downsize the packaging

Another fabulous idea is to downsize the packaging of various items you use in the kitchen such as spices and packaged foods etc. Either get smaller packaging for those or keep cutting the packaging as you keep using up the items.

Now that you know the best storage ideas for small kitchens, you can now make use of your kitchen much better than before.

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