The concept of low maintenance garden design ideas

Low maintenance garden design ideas
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A low maintenance garden is what everyone prefers nowadays because your busy life hardly allows you to spend time on your garden. People want a garden which does not need regular maintenance. This is also because affording a gardener is an issue with many. The recent garden design trend is that people quickly get some pots or ready-made plants from the shop and put them on their balcony or terrace. With time, this will transform into a pretty big garden over your terrace or balcony. It will give a considerable amount of plants. We shall discuss here some low maintenance garden design ideas.

Buying artificial grass

Fake grass is a wonderful low maintenance garden tip which is highly popular now a day. They are affordable garden design tip and you can install them all by yourself. The guide to installation you can find on the internet. This will give a smart look to your garden and will reduce your effort to maintain real grasses.

Buying artificial grass

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It is the main activity in the garden which you can solve by installing a leaky hose system. It is a kind of hose from the tap and then a connector to a hose which will allow the water to release across the flower beds. Very simple and low maintenance thing this is, which will save your time. This is an affordable garden design idea which you can feature in your garden.

Get inexpensive plants

Get a few plants like Arches, arbours and pergolas which are inexpensive and easy to install. They will add beauty to the whole area of your garden and require low maintenance.

inexpensive trees

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Affordable architectural garden design

Further to add some architectural effect to your garden, you can buy affordable stainless-steel troughs and feeders, to be used as planters. They do not require daily watering, unlike small containers. this is another low maintenance tip for your garden.

Water features offer a beautiful look to your garden, but they are costly and need regular maintenance. So, if you have time then you should plant them otherwise not. You can think of giving a luxurious and cosy look to your garden by adding daybeds, swing seats and hanging pods like features. If you just want to sit and relax in your garden this is a wonderful low maintenance idea.

Go for harder landscaping garden design

The idea is to get a harder landscaping design for your garden and because then it will be easier to look after. The slate and slabs are preferred over the decking and gravel because of their low maintenance effect. Decking and gravel stones need constant attention. Swapping your lawn is what preferred here.

Go for harder landscaping garden design

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Hardwood fencing garden design

Look for hardwood if you are planning to add some furniture or fencing in your garden. Softwood is not a good idea here. Moreover do not paint your wood furniture, because you will need to paint them again and again. so it is better to leave them as they are and then they will require low maintenance. 

Control the weeds

You should be constantly aware of the perennial weeds in the garden. They develop quickly and can disrupt the whole garden design setting. Kill them at their roots and maintain a considerable amount of gap in between the plants.It is a mistake to kill them on the top, if you do this they will grow again after a few days.

control the weeds

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Make sure you have enough of storage facilities in your garden. This will help you to put things away and you can easily access them whenever you want. This is an easy maintenance garden design tip you can employ to keep your garden neat and tidy.


In fact, there is nothing like low maintenance garden design ideas when it comes to developing a garden at your home. You should never feel any burden to maintain your garden. It is enough even if you give attention to your garden once in a week. Whatever time you will spend in your garden, you will enjoy. A complete absence from your garden for a long time will naturally leave your plants dried up.

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