Why is my wooden door not closing properly?

Common problems with wooden door

Door not closing properly is a problem which most of you must have encountered at some point of time. Your door goes through lot of actions in its life cycle like the never ending series of  being pulled open and pushed closed, door slamming, weather change and so on.  This constant wear and tear means that your wooden door may stop closing properly.

There can be several reasons which prevent your door from closing correctly like swollen wood, loose hinges, faulty latch, faulty door frame, incorrect door alignment etc.

 Swollen Wood

Effect of moisture on wood

Doors are vulnerable to weather change and humidity. Your wooden doors may shrink or swell depending upon changes in weather conditions. When the moisture content or humidity increases, wood of door may absorb water and expand. Your old bathroom door is in contact with water most of the time and as a result it may swell and may not close properly. Your garage door or the main door may get wet during heavy rain and swell and eventually may not close accurately. Exposure to hot air can also cause door to expand in size. Conversely, during winters the cold air causes door to shrink. The outside doors are more susceptible to weather changes. (Picture Source: www.tuftaide.com)

The solution to this problem is to apply weather proof paint or polish on your doors and windows so that water, humidity and other climatic conditions do not harm the doors.

Furniture polishing work

Wooden polish forms a protective coating on the door and do not allow water, moisture and heat to make any contact with the wood surface. This protects wooden doors from swelling and shrinking. (Picture Source : www.s15.a2zinc.net)

Loose Hinges

Carpenter for hinge repair work

The hinges are often cause of door closure issue. Over time the nuts and screws that hold the hinge in place become loose and start to work their free way. As a result the door may not properly meet the latch and does not close. Repair the loose hinges by tightening the screw. If it sounds too much to take care off, call a carpenter to repair door hinges. (Picture Source : www.diyadvice.com)

Misfit latch

Carpenter for latch repair

A faulty door latch can also be the cause of improper door closure. The door latch may not fix into the latch hole and door may pull open even when closed. Therefore to close door properly you need to fix the door latch alignment. Call a carpenter for door latch repair. (Picture Source: www.Flickr.com)

 Faulty door frame

Carpenter for door and window repair

Sometimes a faulty door frame leads to improper door closing. The door frame is also made up of wood which expands and shrinks due to weather change. Other common problems with door frames which prevents door from closing are frame cracking and splitting. Call a carpenter to repair the door frame. (Picture Source : www.homeadditionplus.com)

Incorrect door alignment

Carpenter for door alignment

When the door alignment is incorrect, then the door does not closes properly. Due to incorrect installation,door might not fit into the frame. For door installation, hiring a professional is the best option. Call a professional carpenter to address door alignment issue. (Picture Source: www.diynetwork.com)

 If you are facing the issue of door not closing properly, call a carpenter from Mr.Right.

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