Pros And Cons Of Popular Windows Styles

A window is not just meant to bring light into the house. It forms part of your interior and exterior aesthetics. It also brings in fresh air and guarantees privacy. The choice of a window, therefore, should go beyond factors like cost, materials used, and appearance. Use my custom essay professionals to get the best writing help that will boost your performance spare time for your room design reflections.

Window designers are creative enough to provide multiple designs. The designs are informed by the type of house the windows will be installed, the price you are willing to pay, and the creativity that goes into the architecture, among other factors. However, the choice made must consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type of window. Here are the pros and cons of popular window styles for consideration when setting up your house. 

Single-hung Windows

The windows come with an upper sash and a lower sash. While the upper sash is fixed, the lower sash opens. Based on personal preference, the sash may open on the inside or outside. 

Pros– the window is easy to clean because the sash opens easily. This helps you to maintain a clean house. The design is also used for small window slots, helping you to maintain the aesthetics of the house. Because of the simplistic design, the single-hung windows are more affordable. These are the best windows if your house is facing a walkway or porch. Do not use them in a room with high humidity like a bathroom. 

Cons– the single-hung element means that they allow limited air into the house. It will deny you the benefit of good ventilation. If the sash slides outwards into an area with limited space, the window will be difficult to clean.

Double Hung Windows

This is the most common design installed in homes today. Unlike the single-hung, both the upper and lower hung open. One opens on the inside while the other opens on the outside. The sash is built to slide or pivot in the middle. 

Pros– the window is easy to operate, giving you better control over ventilation and other operations indoor. Because the space available for ventilation is larger, you will enjoy more fresh air with a double-sash window than a single-sash window. Cleaning is also easier because you have more space to access the exterior. Whether you are cleaning the inside or outside, the shah opens easily. If you are looking for an aerated room, this is the best type of window to install

Cons– is the sash slides instead of pivoting, cleaning the window from inside can become a challenge. It makes it challenging to operate such a window beyond the second floor of a building. A horizontal rail used to separate the upper and lower sash may also block your view. You will also have to deal with the higher cost compared to the use of a single-shush window. 

Picture Window

The window comes with a single pane and no rail to obscure the view. The aim is to allow as much light as possible and give you an excellent- uninterrupted view of the horizon. They are a perfect choice where opening a window could interfere with pathways or intrude into other properties. Contemporary homes are also using this window design on a large scale. 

  • Pros– are you looking for an unobstructed view of distant features? This is the perfect type of window to install. Because it does not come with rails, the window allows all the light available to come into the room. The fact that the window does not open means that your property is secure from intruders and weather elements. Their airtight design means that you do not worry about leaks or drafts. The window is easy to customize based on the size of your property and desired window dimensions. 
  • Cons– you have to deal with the limited ventilation because the windows do not open. The windows are also not usable for emergency escape. If you need to clean the exterior of the windowpane, you will have to go outside the house. They fit spaces in need of more natural light like stairs or monitoring rooms. 
  • Casement 

Casement windows have hinges that make them operable. The shashes swing inside or outside depending on your choice. Awning windows come with hinges at the top which allows them to open upwards. 

  • Pros- the windows offer an excellent view because they do not have rails. They block drafts, reduce noise, and will be perfect for ventilation purposes. 
  • Cons- they are tedious to use if the crank mechanism wears out. Highwind could break the glass pane if the casement is open. 

A comprehensive view of the pros and cons of different window types helps you to make the best decision. You should compare elements more than the price and material used to guarantee value for money. A good window design guarantees excellent peace of mind whenever you step into the house.

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