How to work with blank album cover templates: step-by-step guide

Since we do not involve designers to work on the cover, and Photoshop is too difficult for us (musicians), online editors will come to the rescue. The coolest thing about such services is that their creators have foreseen the needs of modern performers and created a number of blank album cover templates. Thanks to the care of the developers, any musician can create an excellent design for an album or a track without leaving home, which will look no worse than if the release cover was ordered from a professional designer.

Create an album cover in 6 easy steps

Creating an album cover is pretty easy, even if you’re a complete novice at illustrations, filters, effects, and other graphic arts. To do this, you need to do just a few simple steps:

  1. Authorization on the site.
  2. Choose the desired workpiece or start working from scratch.
  3. Editing the background/photo.
  4. Adding an inscription.
  5. Adding and editing graphics.
  6. Save the finished work.

Eager to find out more details? Let’s proceed!

Step 1: Getting Started

Log in to the service via email or social media account. Immediately after that, the main page opens. Creating an original cover begins with choosing a layout. At this stage, you should decide whether you are using a ready-made template or starting work with blank album cover templates. There are templates for podcasts, albums, and singles – choosing the right option is not difficult. As the title of the article suggests we will start from a blank sheet.

Step 2: Background and photo

There are three ways to work on the cover background:

  1. Select the image by thematic words.
  2. Upload your own image through the “Downloads” tab.
  3. Choose a suitable minimalistic drawing through the “Background”.

We will upload our image. It will be stored under the same tab in the future. If edits are needed, they won’t take long. To upload, you need high-quality images with a good resolution.

To customize the background, use the settings buttons. Pick a filter, white balance, and contrast to make everything look exactly the way you want.

Step 3: Graphic elements

The cover can be made more attractive by adding graphic elements. It can be a ready-made logo or the artist’s designation. The collection of online editing services has various graphic elements – free illustrations on any topic, diagrams, lines, shapes, and more.

However, don’t overload your cover with too many graphics. It is important to choose an accent – text, photo on the background, logo. Some of the objects should attract more attention than all the others. The abundance of small graphics or too detailed photos will “smear” the accents.

Step 4: Text

It remains to add the name of the artist or the name of the group, as well as the name of the album or record. To add a text block, use the button on the corresponding tab. The inscription settings are available above the layout – here you can choose the font, adjust its size, highlight, color, and transparency.

Step 5: Save and download

To download the finished work, use the download button above the working layout. Select the PNG format to save the image in high quality.

For printing, the format of a multi-page document in PDF is suitable. If errors or inaccuracies were made during the design, you can return to work on the main page and correct them.

Create a single composition of sound and image, let them complement each other, and form your own, individual style. Simple and understandable blank album cover templates as well as tools will help you realize any, even the most complex idea.

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