Steam iron press not steaming: causes and solutions

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A steam iron press is an extremely very useful home appliance which enables us to straighten and crisp iron our clothes at home and without the need for professional steam ironing from the market. This helps us save money and is also convenient to do. Steam irons are provided with a feature of steam that comes out due to filling of water in the tank. However in some cases, the iron press may stop producing steam and this could be a problem. If you too are facing this issue, then the following given information on the causes and solutions of steam iron press not steaming would prove useful.

1. Water level may be too low

CAUSE: The first and most common reason for steam iron press not steaming is very little water in the water tank of the press. If there is little or no water in the tank, then the iron won’t be able to produce steam and hence iron the clothes properly.

SOLUTION: To solve this problem, check the water level in the tank. If it is not sufficient then fill clean water, preferably from the filter of your house in the tank and upto the level indicated, no more, no less. Try switching on the iron again and ironing clothes with it now. If the steam is still not getting produced, then there may be some other issue with the appliance.

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2. Check the temperature control dial

CAUSE: Another reason for steam iron press not steaming could be incorrect temperature setting.

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SOLUTION: For this, you need to check the temperature control dial and see if it is on the steam setting. For steam to produce, the dial must be set on the option that indicates steam production. If the dial is incorrectly set, then you may need to change it and then try ironing clothes again.  If this was the issue, then the problem must have resolved.

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3. Stuck thermostat

CAUSE: Most modern day irons have thermostats in them which can be adjusted and rotated to try different settings and temperatures. However sometimes the knob may get stuck to one position and may not move. This may lead to no steam.

SOLUTION: See to it that the knob moves freely and is not stuck at any point. Sometimes, the knob gets stuck at the wrong setting and this could be the reason why the steam iron press may not be producing any steam.  If the knob seems faulty, then you may have to get the thermostat replaced through a professional.

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The above given points were the main reasons or causes for steam iron press not steaming. Now that you know these as well as the possible solutions for the problems, you may be able to resolve the issues either on your own or through help. There are many professionals or electricians who can help you repair your steam press easily. If you wish to contact one, you can get in touch with Mr Right services for iron not working or steaming.

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    I was ironing yesterday iron stopped filling up seems like pump may not b working iron yearhalf old realy love it does this mean I have to get new one thanks don sinclair

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