How to maintain your refrigerator freezer?

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Are you facing issues with your refrigerator freezer? Is the food or beverage getting too cold or not cold enough? If your answer to these questions is yes, then your freezer needs a lit more care. The freezer is that component of the refrigerator that is often ignored until you start facing problems with it. Our concern starts when the freezer fails to do its work properly on a repeat basis. There are many reasons why your freezer is not working properly and similarly, there are many simple hacks to prevent or fix these issues. Let us dive in to understand how to maintain your refrigerator freezer to prevent any issues and enjoy your frozen foods and beverages. 

Common freezer problems

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To fix any problem, it is compulsory that you know the reasons that caused it in the first place. Now, there can be many signs or problems that indicate that you need to look into your freezer a little closer. Identifying the signs in time will help you in preventing any major breakdown. Following are the common problems or signs that tell you that something is wrong with your freezer: 

  1. The freezer is not cold enough: When your freezer is not cold enough, it looks normal at first glance. But, if you notice that some of your food items like ice cream are not cold enough or some of the items are frozen cold like ice, this may be a sign that your freezer is not cooling properly. There can be many reasons behind it such as dirty condenser coils,  faulty temperature control board, leaky door gaskets, defrost system issues, and evaporator fan failures. 
  2. Clicking sounds coming from the freezer: There is a normal low humming sound that a refrigerator makes while running, but any other type of sound besides that is not normal. If you hear a clicking noise coming out of your freezer, there can be two reasons behind it. The first reason being the start relay not working and the other one is your appliance failing to move the coolant properly through the condenser and coils. When the right amount of coolant is not passed through the necessary components, the freezer and the refrigerator will fail to maintain their cold temperature. 
  3. Freezer constantly running: If your freezer is constantly running but is still not cold enough, it is possible that there are some issues with the defrost heater of the freezer or with the door gasket or seal. The defrost heater is present in the frost-free freezers only and it helps in keeping the frost buildup away from the evaporator coils. If the door gasket is loose or damaged, it will allow hot air from outside to leak inside and thus the compressor will run continuously to compensate for the temperature variance. Some other reasons behind this issue can be the failure of the temperature control thermostat, malfunctioning evaporator fan, and faulty condenser fan.
  4. Freezer leaking water: When your refrigerator freezer starts leaking water, there can be several reasons behind it. The most common reasons behind this are frozen or clogged defrost drain and gasket issues. The defrost drain can be clogged due to dirt, food remains, or sheets of ice left after the defrost, it will cause the water to leak from somewhere else instead of passing through the drain pipe. There can also be some other reasons such as the refrigerator placed on uneven grounds, cracked drain pan, faulty temperature control, etc. 
  5. Frozen freezer defrost drain: A frozen defrost drain can cause other problems such as water leakage and thus need to be fixed at the earliest. The freezer is required to be defrosted at regular intervals of operation. On defrosting, when the ice is converted into water, the water is dripped down into the drain hole. If the freezer is completely frozen with ice, it will cause a water overflow as an ice sheet may still be present under the drawer. This freezes the defrost drain and leads to water leakage from beneath the refrigerator. The problem of frozen drainpipe also arises if the drain strap falls off or is damaged. 

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Tips to maintain your refrigerator freezer

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A refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in a house as it takes care of our food and beverages, so it is important that we take care of our refrigerator. You can keep your refrigerator and all its components well functioning just by following some simple tips.

Following are some tips about how to maintain your refrigerator freezer: 

  1. Check the freezer’s thermostat periodically:

    The temperature inside the freezer should be zero degrees Fahrenheit or -18 degrees Fahrenheit for it to work efficiently. So make sure to set the freezer thermostat at the required temperature and if your freezer doesn’t have a thermostat, you can also check the temperature by using a thermometer. 

    If you need a new refrigerator thermometer, you can have a look at these:
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  2. Keep the freezer clean from inside:

    Once you defrost your freezer, make sure to clean it with a damp cloth and dish liquid. A clear freezer reduces the chances of a clogged drainpipe.

  3. Check the door gasket or seal:

    The gasket or seal on the door keeps the warm air out and the cold air in. if the gasket is damaged in any way, it will cause the freezer to run constantly to maintain the temperature. Therefore, check the gasket carefully and replace it with a new one if you find any sign of damage.

    Following are some refrigerator door gasket recommendations for you:
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  4. Review the owner’s manual for care instructions:

    We usually ignore the owner’s manual completely and never read it. But, reviewing the manual carefully will help you in understanding the functioning of your refrigerator and its components. The care instructions given in the manual help you in taking care of your appliance and also helps you if you are doing any repair work on your own. 

  5. Routine refrigerator maintenance:

    Regular maintenance of your refrigerator includes cleaning the condenser coils, cleaning the water from the drain pan, adjusting the door hinges if they don’t close properly, cleaning the water filter, cleaning the bottom front grille of the refrigerator, and thoroughly cleaning the inside of the refrigerator.

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