Tips to weatherproof an outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen weatherproofing
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A lot of people have started opting for outdoor kitchens these days. Outdoor kitchens are definitely a little different and unique concept but look fabulous. However at the same time you need to keep certain things in mind since outdoor kitchens need to be made weather proof.  These kitchens must be made prone to all weather conditions and you may need to work a little to ensure this. The following are some tips to weatherproof an outdoor kitchen:

1.Choose the flooring materials carefully

The first thing to keep in mind is to choose the flooring material carefully.  Keep the climate in mind and avoid using tile or marble flooring.  Wood is a fabulous option since it can be weatherproofed for all kinds of weather conditions.  At the same time wood looks good and can be matched with all kinds of interiors as well.

wooden flooring for outdoor kitchen

Image Credits: Pixabay


2.Covering of the kitchen must be done properly

Another thing to weatherproof an outdoor kitchen is to cover it properly.  You can cover it with a roof or canopy as this will let you cook in all kinds of weather conditions.  Build the walls in such a way that the kitchen is protected from strong winds or strong sunlight. The covering material will depend upon the climatic conditions as well.

3.Choose the appliances accordingly

The appliances you install in the kitchen will depend upon the size of the outdoor kitchen.  The appliances you use should be weatherproof and should be able to survive not just sun but also rain.  Ceramic appliances and stainless steel ones prove to be durable and weather resistant and are a good choice for your outdoor kitchen.

4.The hardware elements must be picked carefully

Another thing to consider when weatherproofing an outdoor kitchen is to pick the hardware elements easily.  For an outdoor kitchen, make sure that you use non rusting fasteners and hardware.  These elements include hinges, bolts, nuts, screws and nails etc.  This will help increase the life of your kitchen and make it more durable.

5.Furniture pieces too should be weatherproof

Outdoor kitchens often have certain furniture pieces and these must be selected carefully. Choose only high quality and weather resistant furniture pieces. Don’t buy materials which can’t withstand moisture.  The ones you select should be easy to clean. You can waterproof it using a sealer as well.

6.The lights for an outdoor kitchen must be selected according to weather

For an outdoor kitchen, the lights installed can be less than the number you use for an indoor one.  The wires for lights of an outdoor kitchen must not be exposed to the elements and the fixtures used should be weatherproof to avoid short-circuits.

Hope the given tips to weatherproof an outdoor kitchen are of help to you. Make sure you follow them closely and keep in mind that all the materials used are highly water and heat proof.


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