Summer Essentials to Cool Down Your Home

If you live in Bombay or Delhi, summers are long and incredibly hot. Preparing your home for the summer is essential. You can rely on traditional methods like cooling the floor with cold water before you sleep to reduce the temperature or even buy/rent certain appliances like ice cream makers, air conditioners etc. for the summer. Here is a list of easy and creative summer essentials to cool down your home.

Buy More Plants

While this may seem like an unusual tip, plants help keep a room cool. Plants By releasing moisture into the air, plants help control the humidity in the room while also purifying the air. An additional advantage is that plants also help in improving mood and contribute to the décor of the room.

Stock up on Kitchen Essentials

Very often, cooking seems like a tedious task in the summers because of the exposure to fire. If you feel like minimising your kitchen work during the summers, buy a blender and/or a juicer. This way, you can make smoothies or juices and substitute them for meals. They are also great to make cold soups and protein shakes.

Buy an Ice Cream Makers: Ice cream makers are a blessing during the summer. You can make ice cream using the ingredients of your choice with the amount of sugar that you need. Not only is it a healthier option but you can make ice cream any time of the day and lots of it!

Get an Air Cooler

If you feel like air conditioners take up too much electricity, you can always buy an air cooler or get a cooler on rent. Air Coolers are portable and extremely easy to use. They are the next best alternative to air conditioners and they are also inexpensive and incur very little maintenance costs.

Get an Air Conditioner

If you live in a city where summers are unbearable, air conditioners are extremely effective. If you don’t feel like buying an air conditioner because of the large upfront payment that comes with it, you can always get an AC on rent for as less as 2000 rupees a month.

Get a portable fan

Portable fans are extremely useful during the summer season. They are a great substitute to fanning yourself with newspapers. The best part is that you can get a battery fan which you can use even when there are power cuts, and we know that there are a lot of them during summers.

Bright and light linens: It is important to get rid of dark colours during the summer because they absorb heat. You can replace your dark linens with thin bright ones to make the room livelier and to also cool down the room.

Use these tips to cool down your home this summer. You can use creative and cost effective methods like using lighter colours and filling the house with plants which not only cool down the home but also add charm to your home.

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