Common gas grill myths busted

gas grill myths
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Do you think you have mastered the art of grilling perfectly on a gas barbecue? We bet you still are unaware of these most common gas grill myths. Let us know how many you thought were true-

Myth 1: Gas Grill is not effective as a regular barbecue

This argument has been in the public since the introduction of gas grills. A majority of people have made this perception that a gas barbecue is just a second option to the regular one. However, it is not true. A gas barbecue gives the same taste like a charcoal one.

Still if you want the smoaky flavour to it, use the wood chips.

Myth 2: Greasing the grill will add the flavour

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We bet you must be doing the same with your grill since the beginning. However, this is one of the most believed gas grill myths which need to bust. Putting oil on the whole grill will not only make the food unhealthy but also will produce a lot of unnecessary smoke.

For optimum cooking, grease the meat/food not the whole grill bars.

Myth 3: More heat, more taste

heating barbecue meat
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It’s about zones on a gas broil. You need a hot zone for cooking and a warm zone where you can move meat and veggies until everything is finished. TIP- Make a without meat zone for veggie lovers.

Myth 4: Don’t flip the meat more than once

flipping meat on barbecue
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You don’t really need those photogenic flame broil marks. By flipping on various occasions, you’re cooking the meat equally. This is necessary.

Myth 5: Don’t clean the grill rods, it will tarnish the taste

Busting the one of the most uncanny gas grill myths, A lot of people suggest that the increased grease on the grills adds extra falvor to the food. However, it is a myth.

Keeping the grill dirty increases the chances of rusting and hence effects cooking. Its highly recommended to clean the cooking rods regularly and replace when needed. Here are some best suggestions for Gas grill rods-

If you are also planning to hang out with your family in the coming summers on a barbecue outing, these are the top recommendations for outdoor gas grills-

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