Handbag maintenance and cleaning tips and tricks

handbag maintenance tips and tricks
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These days, designer handbags are in a lot of fashion and the upper price has no limit. These bags definitely look good and very fashionable but not everyone can afford them, considering the high price ranges that they belong to.  If you own a designer handbag, then it is necessary that you take care of it and maintain it properly to get full worth out of it. No matter how careful you are with their usage, they may become dull, dirty and get stains. This is why we have brought you some of the best handbag maintenance and cleaning tips and tricks.

1. Wipe down the purse after every use

One of the best tips for maintenance and cleaning of your handbag is to wipe it down with a cloth after every usage. If the material, allows, you can even dampen the cloth a little bit and gently wipe the entire bag. Do not rub but make sure you let the bag dry later on.  Infact there are many products especially meant for leather or cloth handbags such as rain and stain repellent and cleaning agents etc.

2. Maintain the shape by stuffing paper

Another fabulous tip to maintain your expensive handbag is to stuff newspaper or original filling in it after every use so that the shape doesn’t get altered. This is especially important for leather bags as they can easily get crumpled.

3. Pack your handbags in their dustbags

Most designer handbags come along with dustbags which you definitely shouldn’t throw away. After every use, stuff paper inside the bag and then put them back in their dustbags. This protects them from scratches, dust, stain and other kinds of damages when they are in the cabinet. These bags also help to maintain the lustre in case of leather bags.

keep your handbags in dustbags

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4. Keep the liquids in a small purse or clutch

If you plan to keep any liquids in your handbag, then make sure you do not keep them directly but in a purse or clutch first. This protects the interiors of the bags from stains or liquid damage.  Also this helps you quickly switch bags by shifting the clutch from one to another.

5. Keep the bags on shelves

If you are someone who hangs the bags from the handles, then you must stop doing that as this may be causing wear and tear and damage due to all the weight. It is better to keep the bag on shelves instead. This also prevents the case of damage when you pull the bag from the hanger or hook.

Now that you know the best handbag maintenance and cleaning tips, you too can follow them to keep your bags as good as new even after years. Afterall, buying handbags these days is like an investment and you must thus be very careful with the way you use them. However for persistent stains, you can even get them dry cleaned every once in a while.


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